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Kids Leather Clothing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chickibabe, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Hi guys

    Mr Maggo and I can starting to pillion our kids, but want to buy the proper gear for them.

    Can anyone in tell me were I can buy Leather Road Clothing for kids, ages 8 and 10

    Jackets, pants, boots, gloves.

    Or the other idea was to buy standard jeans and get Kevlar sewn into them. So any idea where I could get that done also. :grin:

    Any help would be good.

    Cheers Lou
  2. Thanks for that future.
    MCA's dont have small enough sizes for our youngest, and Bike biz dont have leather items in kids sizes, it is all textile for off road. Spent time in there on weekend trying to find stuff for them, but will look into the other place.
    Thanks for that.

    Any other ideas people?
    Cheers Lou
  3. Try

    D.B.T. Leathers
    444 Hume Hwy Yagoona NSW 2199
    p: (02) 97901235 f: (02) 97094498

    They might be able to talor make jackets for your girls. But don't forget they will grow out of them real quick. Like helmets. :wink:
  4. I have bought from these guys in the UK and they are fantastic
    they even have second hand gear for them as well
    not worn out
    just as we all know kids grow out of things quickly


    would definately recommend them

    our kids also have Draggin Jeans made for them and the Dririder Aspen jacket with armour that is made in kids sizes

    excellent to see other families with the same thoughts as us
    they need protecting as well

  5. In two weeks time, I will have all my kids outfits for road gear

    There will be kids textile pants and jackets, all with CE approved armour, double stitched, in plain and camo colours. The sizes will range from a child's size 6 to 14.

    They will be in the starider website which you can access through the discount partners page of netrider.
  6. :dance: :woot:

    excellent news Brigitte

    consider us future customers of these items

  7. Thanks Tracey

    They will be the starkidz range

    Leather jackets will also be ordered and should be on display at the expo :grin: