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Kids Dirt Bike Training

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. I did a google search last night and didn't come up with much. Does anyone know of somewhere my little brother can go to learn how to ride? He was given one of the cheap Chinese dirties for his b'day, but wants to move up and up as fast as he can. Somewhere in the eastern 'burbs would be good.

    I was under the impression there was somewhere in Vermont. South Morang has somewhere as well (I think) but I can't find info.

  2. Broadmeadows Motorcycle Park
    434 Mahoneys Rd Campbellfield VIC 3061

    p: (03) 93573888

    Its the only one I know of, right next to Pipeworks market
  3. Go to the Honda web site and look at the Red Riders club. It's a club specialy for kids who ride bikes. I remember reading that they do weekend workshops around Melbourne from memory frankston and broadmeadows.
  4. Never heard of a track being in Vermont, but certainly know the one
    in South Morang.

    Grand Prix Training Centre

    456 McDonalds Rd, South Morang Ph 94369100

    (35mins from your place Lil. Right next door to mobil servo - nursery entrance)

  5. Lil I cant remember the name of it but I am sure ther is one in Vermont. Right next to the Tip.

    I will try to find the web address for oyu.

    Ok found the website: http://www.ndmx.com.au/

    A Google Search of Motocross and Nunawading produced this.
  6. So, after a lot of researching and visiting tracks and talking to people, its likely we'll be joining up with Maroondah Cylcle Training Club in Colchester Road in Kilsyth http://www.mctc.info/online/ . They were very friendly and helpful and the track is aimed at kids only. They don't have trainers as such there every weekend, but do hold training days and maintenance nights every couple of months. They have a beginners track and an advanced track so they noobs have a chance to practice before having to worry about faster kids coming up behind.

    It's not too far away for us and its also not too busy (about 20 kids there this arvo when we were there).

    Thanks for your help everyone...just thought I'd post this info in case anyone else is interested :wink:
  7. Hey Lil , nice to see a young newbie gaining his wheels :)

    Just a few things to keep an eye on with those cheap chinese bikes
    They do their job well, BUT keep and eye on the welds around the tripple clamps,
    and the rear swing arm. They tend to crack easy and I have seen a few even break with only a 'mild' shock.
    Also keep a VERY close eye on the wheel hubs and spokes.
  8. I will keep an eye on those. We didn't pay more for a bike as the boy has a tendency of starting out in a hobby and then 3 months later not bothering with it. Once he's shown some longevity, we'll get him something decent.

    Thanks for the warning, though :wink:
  9. Make sure you keep an eye on the nuts and bolts also... they tend not to be nylock types and they tend not to use lock tight.

    It would be well worth removing them, treating with locktight or replacing with nylock nuts.

    Second is chinese bikes often have little (and poor quality) grease so keep the grease up to the moving parts like the swingarm and head stem bearings.

    Watch the rubbers in the back hub for signs of compression.

    Inspect the welds fairly reguarly it's easier to strengthen a weld _before_ it breaks :)

    Oh and you might find it less hassle just to replace the little paper air filter with an aftermarket foam one.