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Kids can't even play in Glen Eira parks now?!?!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,22826528-2862,00.html

    Onya Glen Eira! :roll:

  2. Yes, those kids cause HUGE damage to the environment!!

    Who threatens a kid with a $250 fine, @rseholes!
  3. What the F$%k is teh grass for if it isn't for kids to play on?
    And they are rate payers so they have payed to make the park available.

    The morons are out in force I can tell.
  4. This is the same bunch of d$%^heads who had to be sacked by the state government last year because their backstabbing had got to the point where the functions of the council had become completely unworkable.
    Amalgamate the b@stards and toss this lot out into the streets!
  5. I wonder what exactly they claim to be the effect of people being in the park?
    Seems somewhat baseless.
    I am in the Glen Eira, and at last understanding my rates pay for this ground as well.

    So are we to wait until the cycle of climate returns to high rainfalls? :roll:

    Fecking use it or change it into apartments.
  6. Maybe that is there plan, Make it so people can't use it, then argue it is not being used and sell it off (Most likely to a company owned by one of teh councilors) then build appartments and you can charge rates on the land (So it becomes an income streem instead of an expense)
  7. Bulldoze the Council Chambers, and let the children play there :evil:.
  8. Hornet... you and I don't often agree, but on this I think we can find some common ground.

    The only problem with your plan is that the ground will be so full of SH!!T it will be a health hazard.
  9. Gotta love the Sun.

    I heard this this morning. On the face of it, you're right and the council are a bunch of tossers who deserve ridicule. But when you look at the facts and the issue they have, it all makes more sense.

    There are several ovals. They are used by many organised clubs and as such require management, especially in Stage 3a restrictions that severely limit the amount and times that people can use the facility. So, they are trying to manage access to the ovals to control the damage and wear and tear. Now, they might be doing that incorrectly, but at what point does a couple of kids playing touch footy become a problem. 5, 10, 20? When there's a coach? And if 20 kids can do it, why can't another 20? Before you know it, the grounds are being damaged beyond repair and the clubs that currently use them either cannot gain access, or, when they, the grounds are so wrecked they're useless.

    But never let the voice of reason get in the way of a good media beat up eh?
  10. if teams have the ground booked then it is a diferent matter, but if the grounds are free, it is not like any sports grounds across the country are so heavaly trafficked that there should be any real issue.
    And as i have already stated... they pay there rates so if the council can't manage teh resources so that they have some access, then is it there fault or the councils?
  11. cejay - So what if they're used by organised clubs? If they're a public facility, they're owned by the ratepayers and, as such, should be available to all people, not just those who wish to play organised sports.

    BTW, you guys don't know what water restrictions are. Brisbane's on Level 6.
  12. Yeah we should be on 4 or worse, but they came up with this 3A crap so the footy season wouldn't be effected.
  13. Whatever, you're all right.

    I can't believe you've taken a media report from that legendary bastion of impartial analysis, famed for it's in depth reporting and decided that bulldozing the council hq is a good alternative. Next you'll be regaling me with stories on fat loss from TT or ACA.

    There are always 2 sides to a story, whatever you believe.
  14. HAHAHA CJ you are taking this very personaly.
    I would think that teh bulldozing the council chambers stuff woas obviosly toung in cheek.
    And whatever the mitigating elements, the arguments about bookking, and rate payer still stand on there own (Iraspective of The Huns view on the matter)
  15. Hmmmm.... beat up??? maybe...

    Are those three families part of a sports league?

    Are they training for regular competitive games?

    Will their "ground" host games?

    Are any of their kids even making an impression on the grass through wear and tear??

    3 families using their local green area hardly fits the bill of an organised sporting arrangement. I don't think random kids playing touch footy becomes a problem at any point until it's a mob that are regularly and actually tearing up the turf.

    I understand the point of controlling access by studded boot wearing sporting groups who train till well after hours and then partcipate in a heavy game or two each weekend... but we don't have that situation here do we.

    Certainly sounds like a heavy handed tactic by the council bylaw officers... do you think they coulda played it differently without the threat of fines?
  16. Actually the footy season was affected . Many ovals were closed for playing on right through grass roots football . Also , there are many regional areas of Victoria on higher than level 4 . Victoria - Its not all about Melbourne .
  17. True.
    Though I was somewhere (Can't for the life of me remember where0 that was at L2 while melb was at L3A) so not all country areas have been effected as much as Melb, (Though for most it is worse)
  18. Heard an interview with the father, who started it all, on the radio last night.

    Apparently, the guy's kids had started Little Athletics, but spent so much time standing around they didn't like it, so they took what they saw and went to the local park to do it themselves. Some friends liked what they were doing and joined in.

    They were using a bitumen running track, that circles the park, for long distance running and used an astro-turf cricket pitch for sprints. They had a bit of a kick, with a footy, on the field, but the vast majority of their time was spent not running on the field itself.

    FTR, the council has no problem with picnickers or dog walkers, regardless of the numbers, yet didn't approve of what these few kids were doing with their Dad.

    So, there's no media beat up, it's purely the council being a bunch of f*ckwits. The kids even challenged the council to a race. If they win, they get to keep using the park. I believe the offer was rejected. :LOL:
  19. More from todays HUN.


  20. Of course he would. He's paying the council for the privilege of being able to use them when he wants.