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Kids bike gear

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by CFVFR, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Sup?

    Doesnt seem to be any similar threads after searhing a multitude of wordplay on the suject, so I'm just throwing this on out there.

    Have an almost 8 year old son Lachie who will no doubt be wanting a bit of 'Dad Time' on the Viffer come Nov this year.

    Do any fellow NR's have any sites/stores that cover the little people without dressing them up MX style?

    Am looking to get him, Jacket-Gloves (have already)-Leather pants-Helmet-Boots,and if possible a back protector. This kid is going to be an ATGATT dude


  2. We got our son a starider jacket and cannot fault it.
  3. Thanks guys. Will check it out
  4. Hi,

    One place I used was Kidbikers (www.kidbikers.com)

    the gear was quite good at a reasonable price.

  5. nice to see the young fella interested in going out with you mate.

    god only knows the sh*t I would get in if it ever got back to the ex that I had taken my 10 & 11 y/o boys for a ride......

    your a lucky man mate

  6. top stuff.. my grandson is eight in September and he can't wait to get on the back of his dads bike, I didn't get to ride with my dad, but have ridden with my son and looking forward to riding with my g'son.