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Kids battery powered ride-on sportsbike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Jul 30, 2008.

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  2. Still...
  3. Take in a few lungs of helium?

    I think my son will need one of these, will need to scrounge up some Honda stickers though.

    Looks like a decent upgrade for the cbr125 riders...... *ducks*
  4. Which model Hyosung is this?
  5. :LOL:

    If you're looking for a souped up alternative, these can be had off ebay for ~$270 delivered. 50cc, they'll get up around 50-60 clicks. Can be a biatch to start after long absences. Weight limit is around 110kg supposedly. Here's me not taking any precautions...


    Good stupid fun :grin:
  6. an upgrade already?, you only got the beemer less than a year ago :p :grin:

    on a more serious note I bet you have bought one already for bubs though! :)
  7. Looks like a Ducati Paso !
  8. Nah, I'm saving my coinage for 2 x above mentioned pocket bikes :grin:
  9. 6watt.. the 200watt one I've had a go of struggled to do more than a few kms an hour with me on (or off!) it. :grin:
  11. bs2-1.

    Yes, good stupid (& dangerous) fun, but no crap chinese CAG on ebay
    can get you to 50-60 clicks. Thats the garbage all the ebay sellers put
    in all their adverts.. & BTW, 99% of the cags on ebay arent even 50cc
    even though they are advertised as such.
  12. Well, compared to an electric, it is a souped up alternative :grin: I agree they are built to a price though. I.E. chinese shonk. Part of the thrill whether you're going to break a weld going over a tiny bump!

    Maybe it's just the weight, I'm ~65kg and got up to an easy 44k/h measured with a gps, not full throttle. You're just a fatty :p Makes a hell of a noise though. Rather unpleasant.

    I've only left them for a couple of months, and 2 stroke combined with not running them dry = sore arm and blisters :p