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Kids as pillions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Misty, May 6, 2006.

  1. (This is a spin-off from the Cute Sight thread)

    My girls are 4 & nearly 6, and they love going for a blat up & down the laneway behind our house with their dad, but have never been out on the road.
    The nearly-6 year-old has just started sitting behind him rather than tucked in front.
    (I've never taken a pillion and I'm not about to start practicing with my kids, LOL)

    Is there a minimum legal age for pillion passengers?

    If not, how old was your child when you took them out on the road?

  2. From Vicroads Website.....

    Am I permitted to carry a child as a pillion passenger on a motorcycle?

    Only if both the rider and pillion passenger are able to place both feet on the footrests designed for their respective use, the child is using a securely fastened helmet (that meets Australian Standard) and the rider is not a novice rider.

    cheers pete
  3. There is currently no minimum age. The law is they must be able to reach the footpegs and understand the concept of "hang on!"

    My son started riding as a pillion when he was around 2 y.o. Firstly up and down the driveway. Then to his daycare centre a few streets away.

    He's 7 now and has had lengthy rides across town (Narre Warren to Williamstown and back).
  4. I've heard that duct tape works well... :grin: keeps them hanging on.
  5. While they've withdrawn the 151(a) amendments re lanesplitting - the amendments to the ARR regarding a minimum age of 8 for pillions are still unclear.

    Until we see the actual revised paperwork we don't precisely actually know if the bits about carrying kids and animals are also withdrawn although I think they have been.

    If (when) it comes on the agenda again, all you people who carry kids had better be prepared to speak out and make some submissions...

  6. haha duct tape, thats awesome.

    Maybe you could also cable tie his feet to the pegs

  7. They should make a body belt with velcro and little kiddy handles wouldn't be to hard.
  8. Yep - you can get those. I'm frantically trying to find the site I found them on. Will post link when I do. It's a nylon webbing belt the rider wears around his/her waist and it has these webbing loops sewn onto each side at the hips. Gives the kiddies/nervous novice something to hang onto. Kinda looks like elephant ears - don't ask when the elephant's trunk makes an appearance! :p
  9. rourkster--->Handle grips for pillions and children

    hi there Rourkster, what your refering to are also known as "Love handles" *giggle* there are only a few sites i know of so far hope these help you..
    Here you go this is a few i found , i have a 6 year old and we hunting for them too havent bought a set yet let me know what theyre like if you get some.. thanks
    .. this one is a uk site

    this one is in ebay in australia

    theres a set at the bottom of this page
  10. If they can reach the footpegs and you're sure they can hang on, go for it mate. Dad had me on the back of the bike years before I could reach the pegs and I never fell off. Kids have good self preservation skills. It's a hang up from the caveman days that 18 yr olds no longer seem to have. :)
  11. I was shocked for a second when i misread the title as "Kids as pillows" :LOL:

    Anyway, i used to go for rides on the back of my dads bike when i was about that young and as long as your kid knows that under no circumstances are they to let go it should be fine.
  12. rather than start my own thread, i'll revive this old one.
    note- this thread is OLD

    however, with the ever changing views and attitudes of NR's, i am curious as to what you guys think is the "right" age for a child to be your pillion, or specifically in my case, a pillion on a 1000cc sportsbike with me (their father) at the controls.
    i know there are answers such as -'
    "depends on the child, some are (insert reason) and can and some are (insert reason) and shouldnt."
    "i hope they are ATGATT etc."
    ^^ :roll: they have the gear, i DO actually love them after all :LOL:

    so, for the sake of a good debate, lets put a NUMBER on it :grin:
  13. i'll decide with my own children, because they could just reach the footpegs and they're 15 months... (doesnt say footpegs need to be down or mounted in the original position).

    2 or 3 is doable, but i'd say, providing you have a helmet that fits correctly, 4yo. i think at that age they'd have at least some concept of the consquence of distraction or not holding on. i think before that age you'd want them on the tank for a few quick blockies just to get them used to it and for them to undestand that to communicate with you they'll just have to tap your leg or something.
  14. That's a tough one Joel, I'd be worried that something may happen while I've got them as a pillion and I would never forgive myself if it did :( Then again, that's not being very optimistic and it's all based on if.... ahhh, I'd probably start pillioning my kids when they're around 10 years old....?
  15. Well our family trips out are with the kids on the back
    daughter rides with Phil
    she is 10
    son rides with me
    he is 11

    We made our trip to Mildura in September with the kids on the back from Melbourne
    and end of January we will be travelling to Tassie with the kids
    the kids love it

    We have strict rules as to what happens when the kids are on the back
    when they first started on the back they use to wave their arms and call out to each other, etc
    soon put a stop to that

    but as long as they accept the rules Joel and understand them, I have never had any issues with our kids being on the back
    and yes as we love ours as well, they have better outfits then us :LOL:

  16. G'day all,

    Don't need to state the obvious, as it's been stated. Even if a child could reach the pegs and have a properly fitted helmet on, I'd struggle to see how a child of 2,3, or 4 would really grasp the importance of hanging on.

    I saw a bloke at court who was done for riding a Harley for a significant distance with a 4 year old on the tank, he was reemed.


  17. Yesterday I seen 2 young'uns in front of, what looked like, grandpa on a quad, riding on a dirt public road.
    Makes you wonder if we do get older and wiser? :?
  18. Maybe 10yrs of age.. tho I don't think I'd ever do it.

    I value their lives more than my own.
  19. Damn right MG,

    I even take my 3 year old out of the car with me when I'm paying for gas!

    I'd always put his safety in front of mine

  20. u see, i took my 5 & 7 for a putt-putt today. they farken loved it.
    granted, they have been pillioning on the farm for 'ears.
    but fcuk me if it didnt make their millenium.
    was very cool, and now i feel like superdad.
    we went a grand total of 5kms each wallet-emptier, never breached 80kms, and im now the coolest thing on earth.
    well worth it IMO.
    all is good if you are sensible :)