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Kids and Utes

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by elm95, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I was cruising along doing 50k in a 60 zone, when a kid comes running out of a train station and bolts straight across a pedestrian crossing. For f+*@ sake we need a little bit of road to pull up not a metre. If you have kids teach them not to run out in front of anyone even if it is a crossing, so i revved my bike to show him I was not happy. Another 10 mins up the road going around the round about at Bellmere Rd, a ute pulled out in front of me. He didn't see me on the round about until I was 2m from his door and I think he scared the shit out of himself more than me. I just shook my head and went home. What can you do?

  2. holyshitman,youshouldtrypunctuateyourpostsabitmore.
  3. That's kids for you. Mine is 100% solid brains and focus.. till he's distracted by grass or the wind or.. clouds.

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    When i was a kid, we used to call it "natural selection"

    These days, with the bloody school zones and zebra crossings and crossing guards, we're going to have a generation of pillowy sponge cakes who can only cope with pain by doing this:

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  5. Stebel 139db.

    /thread :angel:
  6. I wished I did have a horn like that.
  7. Kids have the attention span of a goldfish. Some adults aren't any better.

    A few years ago a mate of mine was coaching a junior football team, he played in the seniors. He was asking for suggestions on how he could keep the kids focused and started to have a whinge about kids. I suggested he change the activity they are doing every 10 minutes. I also suggested that at the next senior training session he step back and watch what the so called mature adults are actually doing.

    A couple of weeks later he told me that the adults were actually worse than the kids.
  8. You can try this anywhere; workplace, shopping centres. It's amusing, in a sad way. The only difference is that adults have been trained well enough not to kill themselves (usually) when they're distracted, like running across roads, etc.
  9. They may not kill themselves, but they might just have a good crack at killing someone else.
  10. $40 on fleabay.. best $$ I ever spent!