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Kids admiring my bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ljcoolio, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. I recently parked my 659 near a park and this little bloke came over and almost stuck his hand in the pipe I jumped as did his parent. The parent jumped to stop him touching a strangers property and I jumped to stop him frying his hand on the exhaust after about an hour long ride. It's something I had never thought of happening. I guess if I'm not near the bike then it's up to parent to stop a child from touching. Any with similar experiences?

  2. used to often get kids checking out my Daytona
    if the parents agreed i would sit them on so they could get a pic
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  3. Kids should be taught not to just go sticking their hands on other people's stuff. I've had relative's kids climbing all over my bike and fcuking around with switches etc with zero regard to consequences - pissed me off immensely. You want to sit on it, have some damn manners and ask me first, in which case no problem.
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  4. Lol!!! The kids you are referring to are particularly annoying!!! Kids looove bikes, it's so cute!!! Most show respect, especially if you rev the thing lol!!!
  5. I don't really want anyone touching my bike without permission but I'd hate hear some kid got third degree burns from my bike
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    Agreed! Comes down to parenting at the end of the day! Shouldnt be something u need to feel responsible for! :)
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  8. Awwwww you too....... qualifying each others posts so cute :):love:
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  9. I usually get nervous when little kids take an interest in my bikes, mostly because of hot pipes and for the larger ones being able to pull it over on top of them. The teens that would be more likely to just jump on it and scratch it up are too busy glued to their phones these days so not much of a risk there.
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  10. I was out at Pacific Park riding off road with a cousin's family, he gets his son about 3 sitting in front of him on my vintage Husky 2 stroke. The Kid starts screaming his head off, then Dad noticed the kids leg touching the expansion chamber. Didn't stop the kid becoming a rider 10 years later. So watch what your doing near hot bikes.
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    I know right?!? What a concept, we are married, AND get on AND have a common interest! Even cuter than you first thought! <3<3<3
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  12. Yup, I learned very quickly as a teen that big bikes have exhausts on both sides! Tried to slide off the back of a bike once (model???), burned my leg on the way down, thought no problem and sat back up to try the other side, and burnt the inside of that leg too!!!

    Never put me off bikes, just learned to respect the hot bits!
  13. I hate people touching my bike! Especially grotty little kids! But the parents just let them!! I've had parents ask if their little darling can sit on my bike and I've replied "sure! Can I sit on the bonnet of your fcuking Jeep??"
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  14. That's gold wish I was there
  15. Way back when I was an apprentice, the head of the electrical section at the TAFE rode a K series beemer. At his previous gig at Mt Druit he was parked in the TAFE carpark and came out to see a group of hair dressing students around his bike. One was sitting on it. When he called out to them the one on his bike said she was getting off and swung her leg up over the tank instead of back over the seat and dragged her boot right across the paint work, scratching it through. They didn't care and just walked off.
  16. To be fair....... They'll only do it once
  17. Yeah likewise. In fact its literally happened over a dozen times in the last few years.
    After they show an interest, I end up asking the child and parent if they want to sit on it. I usually end up picking up the kid, plonking them on the seat and then holding onto them while the parent takes a pic.
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  18. yep same here
    its actually quit satisfying
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  19. Fixed

    Then proclaim loudly:
    "I bogged a Jeep!"
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  20. It actually pisses me off when people need to look at bikes with their hands.
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