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Kid shines laser pointer at me - video

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ariderslife, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. OK so im new, i searched a few threads,

    seems this is best posted individually.

    I have a few of these videos, Others i posted in the other threads

  2. Good on you for ripping into em.
  3. +1 to what DRMAT said above.
    My only suggestion..or advice, if I may...

    If you see idiots carrying out this behaviour on the roads, I would then treat them with suspicion from thereon, as their behaviour is (was) still very unpredictable.

    Rather than accelerate to get in front of him/them from the takeoff at the lights, I would hang back instead, getting a better view of their vehicle (on camera) and any further evidence should they try it on you again..or anyone else for that matter.

    Lasers can cause much distraction and ultimately dangerous outcomes, both on terra firma and in the air and are simply not to be tolerated AT ALL.

    Have you revealed your evidence to Police ?

    Glad to see/hear that you're ok.
  4. he didn't have an ill tempered mutated sea bass in the car with him did he?

    All jokes aside... Very stupid and dangerous thing for him to do. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Nah, i have a few videos like this on my channel. i have not passed this onto the cops. IF I WAS to, it would be the WV hoon video
  6. I actually liked his "lines" Nick, with possible exception of the final takeoff in the vid.
    Remained off the rear quarter with plenty of escape room, stopped far enough away to avoid the door and have plenty of warning in case one got out (or give yourself a run-up...).
    If you're gonna have a go, I don't think you could do much better...

    (Yeah, I actually know you're arguing against having a go in the first place ;))
  7. Agree mate.
    It's the highlighted part of your comment I was referring to & thanks to you for pointing it out, I've edited my post above.
    And no...I'm not arguing at all with the OP having a go....in a way, I wish it was me doing the riding/filming ;) The OP handled himself very well.
  8. Aah, gotcha!
    Easy to say I would've stayed behind them until I dumped the clutch like that, rather than riding next to them around the corner. Too easy, in fact...

    Now, here's a question for everyone, especially the OP:
    After a dressing-down like that and the threat of the video going to the coppers, do we think they "beamed" another bike that night? Or anyone?
  9. Once a dickhead always a dickhead....I would place money that they did and probably still do.
  10. possible. i followed the car till i could read the rego, then went home. he would have been doing 100+ as i could see the car pulling away hard.
  11. top work work mate.
    +1 to let them go ahead
    sometimes, i feel like using the good old pocket rocks.
  12. Mate I have to say I love your demeanor. I saw your channel a few weeks ago whilst cruising on Youtube and watched all your videos. My favourite is your replacement horn in the form of the rev limiter hahaha.

    You ride like I ride. I like that.