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Kickstarting - sideways blow-out!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mattb, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Here's a fix to an old problem.

    Kicking an old big single while wanting to remain comfortable and fashionable means sometimes you get a blow out. For a couple of months I've been wandering around with half a foot hanging out of my shoe, where the side has burst after all this time. And who wants to spend $ on new shoes, especially when you're riding on bald tyres. I thought about cutting off the fronts but then I'd hurt my toes on the gear shifter. So anyway, while I was halfway through fixing it I thought I should take a pic so that others who ride real bikes can find a fix to a common problem.


    The kickstarter's problem can be dealt with by use of a simple leather sewing tool. I once bought one 'cause I wanted to ride in safety like some Lebanese guy Atgatt said ("If you can't afford all the gear you can't afford to ride!" - Fark me, I thought you just needed car oil and fuel!) and I used it to sew leather patches into K-Mart jeans, giving Draggins a run for their spondooli!

    But look at this - kicking over a Norton cafe racer (it's missing a few bits (Hence I'll sell it for only $3000 - PM me)) in nice snazzy (re-)new(-ed) leathers!


    I was a bit lazy and rushed at the sides, but if I ever get a job interview I'll just put electrical tape over it. (I've tired fixing shows with gaffa without sewing, but that doesn't work. Comes apart after a day).

    So there you go: a simple solution to an old problem that's been hassling kickstarters for years!
  2. Love ya work