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Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by arashi, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. could anyone tell me how to operate the kickstart on a honda scooter,i turn on the button,hold on to the breaks and slam the kickstart down..but it still doesnt work.what am i doing wrong??
    thanks for any replies

  2. *Sniff Sniff* is that i troll i smell under the bridge?? The Scoopy is an electric start not a kick start.

    Reel em in Boys
  3. A Scoopy - cool! For those not familiar with the Scoopy, it combines the best features of the Across, Moto Guzzi and SR500 (storage, linked brakes and a kick starter). Just be careful - 12:1 compression means a kickback could leave you needing an artificial hip. :)

    Seriously - you shouldn't need to slam it down and I don't think that holding the brakes is necessary. I suspect that something else is wrong - was it running and just recently started to give trouble?
  4. Damn, I just replied without looking at the profile and assumed it was an old Express. :x I have to lean to look at these things of ask for more info to be spoon fed to me. :wink:
  5. Straight from the Honda Website:

    Model Name:

    Engine Type:
    49cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder

    Bore x Stroke:
    38.0 x 44.0

    Compression Ratio:


    Maximum Power:
    3.6 [4.9] / 8,000

    Maximum Torque:
    4.5 [0.46] /7,000




    Steel tube

    Dimensions (mm):
    1695 x 625 x 1000

    Wheel Base (mm):

    Seat Height (mm):

    Ground Clearance (mm):

    Fuel Capacity (litres):
    5 litres

    Front Tyre:
    90/90-10 50J

    Rear Tyre:
    90/90-10 50J

    Front Suspension:

    Rear Suspension:
    Unit swing arm-type

    Front Brakes:
    Mechanical with leading shoes

    Rear Brakes:
    Mechanical with leading shoes

    Dry Weight (kg):
    72 kg


    $3,890 + ORC (includes GST)* Price Drop - $2,990+ ORC (includes GST)
  6. The stinging feeling in your mouth is your own hook - it has a kickstart backup

  7. He's posted the same question in Tech & troble shooting. :-k

    :idea: Where's Deyago? I'll get popcorn!
  8. Oh. :oops:
  9. Fair Enough!!! I'll eat my words. I'll leave this one up to the kick start and scooter experts. It's just the wording of the thread my knowledge/lack of the scoopy which gave me that suspicious feeling.
  10. Nah - no need to eat yer words. Blame Honda for misleading advertising :) I promise not to tell anyone if you don't. :wink:
  11. :p It's a done deal!
  12. He's now selling it.
    Why is this so worng?????????