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Kickstart not starting the engine

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jigme, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Hi Netriders.
    I have a Yamaha tt250r with 13,000km's on the odo.

    The 2002 model has an electric and kick start and I'm unable to turn the bike over with just the kick start.
    I can start the bike once it's warmed up, with the kick fine, but when it's cold, I've been unable to start it once.

    If I start the engine with the electric start, then turn it off straight away, the kick will work. But from absolute cold, no dice.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance. :grin:
  2. Do you leave the key in the 'off' position, pull the clutch lever in and kick it a few times beforehand?
  3. no! :) Does that set it top dead center?
    Will try now.

    Edit: Okay. Tried that.
    Had position as "off", clutch in. Kicked it a few times.

    key to "on", Choke out, kick, kick, kick, kick vroom!

    After that first start, I couldn't kickstart the bike after that. electric start no problems.
    Some bikes have a TDC (top dead centre) I'm told by my friend. This sets the cylinders in the optimum point to be started with minimal kicking.
    Does kicking it a few times with the clutch in and engine off do this? or is this a prank? :roll:

    thanks in advance *rubs sore leg*
  4. Well that's a 'start', so to speak - I was thinking the clutches may seize up or stick together a little when the bike is left for a bit i.e. stone cold. If you kick it two/three times with the engine off and the clutch pulled in, it frees it all up as well as lowers the risk of the cluthc grabbing when you snick it into gear.

    No it's not a prank. Us Brit bike riders without luxuries like electric start soon learn how to get 'em going :) The TDC theory is correct too, but it shouldn't be a biggie with a modern bike, i woudn't have thought...
  5. Oh okay. thanks.
    I wonder what it is. It started that time. I'll try again later. Right now I'm wrestling with a chain clatter problem. Going to do some more looking around like a tool under a motorcycle in the front yard in a leather jacket.
  6. Poorly adjusted valve clearances can cause starting woes, electricaly there should be no problem as it starts while the starter motor is pulling its share of amps.

    Ratcheting the kick starter till you feel the piston on the compression stroke is the usual to get the most out of your jump on the kick starter.

    Holding the clutch in can often make kicking easier on some bikes.

    Apart from that, put on some weight to get a bigger kick maybe?
  7. maybe I just suck the proverbial at kickstarting. :cry:
  8. my beta is a cnut to start and thanks to its italian heritage the kick start is on the left! you just have to be totally committed and put a LOT of weight behind it. there's a knack for everybike. you'll get the hang of it man.