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Kickstand critters

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by undii, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Found an interesting 'item' that helps with the kickstand not sinking into softground, if you want something 'cool' instead of the crushed up drink can, check out www.kickstandkritters.com/ There are 4 things at the moment, 3 animals and a voodoo doll to 'crush' ;)

    I'll let the pics (and url) do the talking with regards to this. Bit of a gimmick but hey, got a spare little bit of cash, could make for a laugh hehe.



  2. If you'd like to achieve the same result without incurring the ridicule of your mates and the ire of the local branch of PETA, you could try a Mudbug instead. I got mine online (from WA, IIRC) and it was about $8.

  3. I'd totally take a voodoo doll if I wasn't flat broke. :grin:

    Probably get stolen within 5mins round here though so I guess I'll just have to stick with my tin lid from a chupa-chups bin. :(
  4. Hey rc36, have you got a link for the Mudbugs? I can't find them with Google...
  5. I've got half a trailer load of hardwood decking off-cuts. Maybe I should flog them on ebay for $5.00 each.
  6. Herm. After I posted this up, I went looking too. No go. Maybe they have gone out of business, or, more likely, changed the name to something else. Sorry I couldn't help; I've sorta led you up a dead end by the looks of it.

    If I recall correctly, some enterprising little toadies do exactly that in the parking area at Phillip Island every year!
  7. I recall being very amused when I found out, back in the '80s, that Kawasaki were doing exactly this, complete with a proper Kawasaki Part No. and everything.

    Was a bit more than $5 though.......
  8. I couldn't find their site either, looking through an older issue of Aust Road Rider, they had a quick review on it, with the website addy but nothing comes up and an (08) ph number.
  9. Very cute. :)

    On the subject of silly sidestand feet, Palmer Products makes a limited-production-run stainless-steel "tiger paw" sidestand extension for the Tiger 1050.

  10. seems a little small...