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Kicked a turkey

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by hugh50935, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    So yesterday I went for an afternoon (~5-6PM) ride on the Old Pacific Hwy on a nice afternoon with a mate of mine. Everything was going swimmingly until, while taking a 60-70kph left an adult scrub turkey runs out of the scrub (makes sense) on the left hand side! Right at the apex!

    Well, on this day I was also working especially hard on my braking and cornering lines, which on this occasion was pretty spot on IMHO. I expected the turkey would either dash across to the other side of the road or run back to the undergrowth from whence it came. I also figured that, statistically, I was more likely to not hit a turkey than hit one.

    It did neither, and statistics failed me.

    It kind of flew about 1m from the inside then fluttered around to run parallel with the road, all the time while doing that ridiculous head-wobbling thing. A split second later I felt a thump on my thigh not unlike being in a pillow fight.

    The bike wobbled a bit and swerved nearly a metre to the outside of the lane, but thankfully recovered. I pulled over a few metres down the road but couldn't see the turkey. I guess it made its way to the other side of the road to recover and presumably psych itself up for another dash in front of a faster & more expensive bike.

    Not sure if there's a moral to this story. I'm just glad it didn't hit the front wheel or cause me to come off. Argh!


  2. lucky it was a turkey, look what happens in NZ when u hit a sheep

  3. Too funny
  4. Spent far too long trying to think of a hilarious 'why did the turkey cross the road' joke and failed.
  5. To be with his Harely riding friends?
  6. Seems to be the time of year... I nearly collected a cat on Pittwater Rd last Thursday night and then one street from home (same ride), I had to e-brake for it's partner in crime - a kamikaze ring-tail possum.
  7. Exactly!

    I mean, I'm all about saving the Australian Fauna and all that, but they're not exactly helping themselves are they?

  8. Less than 2 months out from Christmas I think Santa was giving you a free Turkey and you squandered it!

    He will not be so generous next time. I am thinking Kangaroo :angel:
  9. A mate of mine had that happen up the old road - wasn't so lucky as it went under the front wheel. Wrote off the bike - ZX7R :(
  10. Sounds like something that would be incredibly hard to explain to an insurance assessor.
  11. I've nearly collected the odd roo, numerous wombats, a fox or two, and once even a koala, oh the joys of riding rural
  12. Ahah! I figured out the moral to the story:

    Never play chicken with a turkey

  13. I had a magpie fly into me a few weeks back, couldn't believe how a smallish bird like that could hit so hard! Hubby nearly hit a roo last weekend too, just when we were cruising along nicely, it was right there in front of him in a moment. Glad you (and hubby) stayed in control. I think the turkey didnt want to end up on your Xmas menu!!
  14. I can't believe you didn't take the opportunity to give the bird a ride.
  15. Nice one, could have been a lot worse.

    Can't think of any bird puns unfortunately...

    I hit a bird yesterday at speed, nothing left of the bird except it's intestines squished in between the headlight & fairing & splattered around inside.

    Must wash the bike tonight...
  16. The first time I went riding to Wickham Point with a friend, she was up in front and I was trailing, and a wallaby came out on an intercept course.

    I braked as hard as I could until just before impact and then let up (didn't want it locking the front tyre if it hit it), and I was lucky as my boot clocked it in the head.

    I was going straight so bike stayed stable and all was OK but if I did go down I was doing about 130 when I kicked it.

    I was on my....third ride on the roads ever, and of course she didn't know anything about it and kept on going. I had to stop however and have a tiddle.
  17. Q Why did the turkey cross the road ?
    A It was the chickens day off.

    Sorry, I just had to.
  18. This thread is awesome.
  19. Third ride on the road ever, and you were still doing 130 *after* braking heavily? Sounds like the wallaby may have been the least of your worries...
  20. "Honestly Occifer, it was an accident coz of the Wild Turkey"