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Kick start for a fellow rider in Croydon (Vic)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thelodger, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. This is a plea for help for a fellow rider.........not just a gratuitous plug for a mate's business. :wink:
    A new Coffee/Cheese/Wine Shop has opened in Croydon just off Main st and it's struggling to get up and running. :shock:
    Tim ......Gixxer rider and his brother Nick opened the place a few months back and are finding it hard to attract customers.
    So I have decided to put my balls on the line :oops: and try and snatch some interest in getting a bunch of us Netriders together on a regular or semi regular basis to go and make our presents felt and enjoy some great Coffee and sample the delights from the Cake shelf and of course Wine for those that wish! 8)
    There is a large outdoor area with plenty of seating and tables and it runs on to the main car park if we were to run out of room on the forecourt for our machines. :wink:
    The bikes and a bunch of us would create some much needed interest in the Cafe and as anyone who has been to Friday coffee can attest to it also creates a lot of interest in the bikes and their owners.
    So if any of you are even remotely interested please post up!!!!!!
    I will be sorting some details and the proper address today when I get over to see the boys........


  2. Sounds fine to me. He gets some business, and we get another rider-friendly cafe!
  3. Just moved to Croydon, count me in.
  4. mmmmmmm Lets see Bikes, coffee & the correct side of town! You bet I'm in! Sounds like an ideal starting point for ranges or Yarra Valley rides too! What's the place called?
  5. Yep I am in, just down the road :D

    Cheers 8)
  6. Sounds good.

    :D :D
  7. Bit of a hike for me but I guess I could put in a random visit every now and again.
  8. Will be moving to that area real soon, so wil definately drop by.

  9. Put the address up and i'll pop in whenever im down that way . :D
  10. you could allways move the monday night one at faster pasta up there if you wanted to do it on a monday .
    As its out that way .
    why give your money to a big franchise , instead give it to a small business.
  11. I'm in... sounds like its time to have a Sunday arvo coffee :)

  12. :D I'm up for Sunday arvo coffee...I have to be on the road by about 430/5 for some work things....

    :D :D :D
  13. Speaking for another 3...yo, we're in.
    Fix a day/ time and we'll be there.
    Best make it a regular.
    Talk to the guys when they want us there.
  14. :D :D ....wot, between fri/ Southbank and Mon/ where-ever?
    Sounds like a real addict !! :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Just a social betterfly since he got the manbag looking schmik again! lol!
  16. Hell yeah....

    Look at my Avatar dammit! Of course I'm an addict.

    Who can turn down Coffee, Wine and Cheese!

    It's got me weak at the knees just thinking about it :p

    So Andy, where is this place!

  17. Glen...you FULL of it !!
    Good ideas, that is :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Another Kickstart idea:
    It's highly probable that with the Croydon location I could talk Pete from Boss Cycles into coming along for a night.
    Anyone with questions on crashed/ damaged bikes....auctions...insurance quotes...or the *repair-game* et all would have a chance to have their questions answered by a pro-in-the-game.
    He hasn't got the kids every other week and would be happy to show up one night, I'm sure.
  19. Absolutely :)

    Then again Sue, I never really turn down coffee... :D

  20. Ok Tim tells me this Monday evening between 5pm and 8pm is the plan!
    The place is called "The Wine Larder" and it's located at....shop7-50 Main st Croydon phone Tim on 9723-8860 if ya get lost it's near the corner of Lacey st and Thomas Brew lane.
    I shoul be there about 5.15 you will see my VTR out front.
    here are some pics of the place to make it easy to locate and the Melways referance is 50 K3 opposite the carpark............see ya there!!!!


    Andy 8)