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Kick Stand Sensor Issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by presti, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Alright, so since i got my 2009 GSXR750 i've had a little niggle with the kick stand sensor.

    In that i mean:
    I'll pull up to a set of lights and click neutral. The neutral light won't come on until i move my kick stand down around 2cm's at the end. Lately, I have come home from work (10min ride) kicked the stand down and the bike kills the engine, i lift the stand back up then it does the pre start check and is ready to go.

    I've tried spraying WD40 on the little sensor, it does slide back and forth with ease fully extending. Is it worth replacing or is there another sensor that i should be checking? the cable seems to tease its way up the engine under the tank so it doesn't look fun to replace :-/

    Any help would be excellent!

  2. remove the sensor and have a dumb kickstand and a smart rider!
  3. Are you still in gear here? Sounds normal to me...
  4. Unplug or make the 'pin' stay fully engaged as if the stand is up?

    No not in gear, i roll the bike around with clutch out then kick the stand down and it kills it. The neutral light also doesn't come on when i know its in neutral until the stand is moved a smidge.
  5. Ah OK, that's a problem...

    So apart from rethinking the questionable habit of looking for neutral at the lights, I'd be getting the multimeter out I think, and finding the other end of that cable...
    And if you haven't already after filling it with WD40, I might try blowing the shit out of the switch with my compressor...
  6. + 1 to Nitekreeper There are some other components in that part of the circuit that could cause these symptoms though. Check the side stand diode assembly and the side stand relay. I would be very suspicious of the side stand diodes with the symptoms you have described.

    See top right in attached drawing.

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  7. Thanks!
  8. Sorry that drawing came out a little small, this one is the relevant area. The right blue from the Sidestand diode runs to the neutral light. The middle one runs to the Neutral switch. The right to the side stand stuff. A faulty diode in that unit could show these symptoms.

    The diode on the side stand switch is another possible culprit.

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  9. I'm actually starting to suspect the neutral switch, the more I think about this.
  10. Neutral switch? where are they usually located?
  11. Behind a cover, and "connected" to the gear change rod.
  12. ah i think i know the little connecter you are talking about, near the front sproket obviously. I'll have a look. mo money i guess :-/
  13. yer what knight said
  14. on my trailbike i ended up taking it off and just closing the loop (connected the two wires to make a circuit)

    i think water got into it

    no more problem, just remember to put the stand up before you move (as any rider should do)

    it gives you a surprise if you don't
  15. don't sit at the lights in neutral!

    be in 1st, ready to avoid the guy who is about to smash into you from behind
  16. Have you checked the clutch handle switch.
  17. Did you find anything @presti?
  18. I cleaned the bike and chain area and now it's happening less frequently :-/

    so atm no but it seems to be on and off again. The light still doesn't light up half hte time but it doesn't stall out which is good!
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