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Kia ora from Newtown NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Piwakawaka, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Kia ora all

    I signed up to work out how best to go about getting my hands on a bike and gear, and you all seem like a friendly bunch. I just picked up my Learners licence and absolutely loved doing the learner skills course.

    I'm a kiwi living 'Straya for two years now. My current rides are Sydney Trains and Uber. Looking to upgrade to something a little more convenient and fun. I absolutely love road biking / mountain biking, so why not add an engine?

    Next step, buying all the gear. A Kawasaki Ninja EX300B with ABS seems like the most popular learner bike to get right out of the starting blocks. To the NSW riders, any suggestions on good bike stores to pick up a helmet and apparel near-ish to the inner suburbs? Also, would anyone be able to point me to guides for inspecting/checking second hand bikes before buying off Gumtree or similar?

    Also, what's with all the major service inspections every few thousand km? How expensive are they, why does everyone seem to have custom exhausts, what are seat cowls and why do my kidneys need a belt? Looking forwarding to discovering all the answers already out there on the forums!

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  2. Welcome to the forum mate.

    We're friendly and mostly all harmless on here.

    I would suggest visiting one of the motorcycle accessory superstores (www.mcas.com.au) to have a look at what gear is out there. They have the biggest range, not always best price. Once you know what you want, Google is your friend.

    It's fun figuring this all out, so enjoy the ride!
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  3. welcome aboard :)

    As mentioned by GeorgeOGeorgeO check out the various superstores and don't be afraid to look at all the sales and clearance stuff.

    It might be last seasons but its just as good and at a bargain bin price :)
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    Welcome mate. I just went to helmet warehouse on the Hume highway in yagoona for a shoei gt air but it wasn't cheap by any means. The best helmet is the one that fits you properly. There's plenty of info on here about helmets, use the search function. Easy to get overwhelmed when you're first starting. Just devote half a day to helmet shopping, try them ALL. Every brand, a range of sizes in each brand, and buy the most comfortable one that fits you the best. Watch YouTube for info on what a helmet should fit like, because you probably won't get the right size if you don't know this.

    I remember a while ago seeing a thread about what to look for when buying a secondhand bike, I'll see if I can dig it up. (Edit - here Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide )

    MCAS on Wentworth street in the city is worth a look. Don't be afraid to ask for a discout - most of the guys in there are riders too, and they want you to wear the gear, and are usually happy to knock a few dollars off the RRP if they can.

    Generally major service is every 12,000, minor service every 6k. There's a lot of dodgey mechanics out there, so instead of finding the cheapest one, find a good one, then work on the price... I don't know where abouts you are, I've got a pretty good mechanic in Marrickville, not the cheapest but his work is excellent... Drop me a line if you want some details.

    Your wallet will shrink with your new hobby ;-) just do some research and only buy what you need, not what everyone says you need. Do your research, spend your money wisely, and if you need a hand there's plenty of people on here who are very knowledgable and helpful...
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  5. Welcome mate :cool:
  6. gday PiwakawakaPiwakawaka and welcome to NR - best to stay as far away as possible from sydney trains and uber if you can!
  7. Welcome mate, see link for owner's manual and service maintenance schedule on Ninja 300, pages . Somebody on here that's local to you would possibly be able to help you out with checking out a second hand bike.

    Kawasaki Motors Australia - Download Owners Manuals
  8. Welcome to the forums!

    When I was looking for gear - I did my research online (usually using revzilla.com as a guide) and then looking to see if they had it locally at MCAS.
    The biggest part was the helmet, I went to MCAS personally and tried them all on. All the brands have slightly different fits.

    As for the rest... You'll find all your answers in the unending pages of the forum!
    (Just don't ask whether you should nod at other motorcylists while on the road... you'll find out why eventually...)
  9. Welcome mate you seem like a good laugh you'll fit right in here!!!
  10. Aloha PiwakawakaPiwakawaka , welcome to a very expensive hobby, but a most fun one. There is a strong prominent Sydney sider rider community that is full of it ... I mean ... information, mostly all good :p and useful.. They're a friendly bunch and you'll have fun if you go meet them at the Events they post up on this section of the forum

    Good luck!
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  11. Full off it....... What exactly did you try to say........
  12. coffee. pleeeeeeenty of coffee :angelic:
  13. Good recovery. You were nearly persona non grata in nsw
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  14. Still owe you a steaming hot cup of ....coffee! :D:whistle:(y):coffee:
  15. Yip.