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kfc or red rooster

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pete777, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. whats the better...?

  2. better at what? promoting degenerative diseases?

    i wouldnt touch fast food these days. havent eaten at those places in 7 or more years
  3. That's like choosing which testicle you'd prefer to have hacked off with a blunt pair of scissors. I could pick one if I had to, but I'd prefer to avoid the situation entirely.
  4. Who cares?

    If you're hungry and one of those is in front of you, eat it! It wont kill you..............................immediately. :LOL:
  5. Both overpriced, undersized, overly greasy pits of despair.

    Give me a corner deli any day.
  6. Red Rooster makes me depressed... I don't even have to order anything, just walk in and I feel blue. Don't know why.

    KFC smells awful, but I do actually eat there from time to time... So I guess that means that KFC is the lesser of two evils IMO.
  7. Sheeeesh, what a bunch of health freaks :shock: :p :LOL:

    Red Rooster - Australian owned :grin: gets my vote.
  8. I use to love KFC but now its all just overpriced crud
    I havent been to Red Rooters for a few years.
    McDonalds=Dog Sh#t
    HungryHacks=Dog Sh#t

    Why would I pay for it when I have heaps in my backyard
  9. From a weightloss point of view, nothing beats the hungry jacks ULTIMATE DOUBLE WHOPPER, its huge and it makes me so full/sick that i cant eat for two days.
  10. Why?

    Why is McDonalds, Subway, Red Rooster, KFC, Hungry Jacks all rubbish?

    The way i see it is that people hate becasue it is cool to hate them.

    A burger typically consists of: tomato, onion, beetroot, egg, lettuce, bacon, meat pattie, bread, sauce.

    Pull out the tomato and look at it! Does it look much different to the tomato you cut up at home? What about the onion, beetroot (which is out of a can either way), lettuce etc. Do they look any different than what you get a grocer or supermarket produce section?

    No, not really. Price will vary excessively if its organic or excellent quality/tecture/taste, but not all people will go out and buy the most expensive tomato or lettuce or whatever.

    What about the meat? Go to a butcher and buy some 'premium' mince. I'll bet that the meat quality for that grade would be nigh impossible to tell apart from raw fastfood-meat relative to butcher-class meat.

    What about the bun? Most if not all use hamburger buns (typically have more sugar than normal white bread). You can get the same bread at woolies or coles if you want. So how is the bread at McDonalds, Hungry Jacks etc. different? Ans: its not!

    Ever baked a chicken in your oven? What is so different to the effect regarding a Red-Rooster chicken? Sure, you can stick spices and other stuff into the chicken to make it taste better, but this all cost time (and money!)

    I find it immensely funny that people turn up their noses at fast food yet go home and make something comparable if they are pressed for time, unless you are prepared to spend an hour or three preparing a meal...


    I eat subway alot. (up to four times per week - two feet for twelve! thx Mayfield subway) and its good. If people are prepared to spend the money for the convience, or because the food is prepared in a timely fashion, it doesn't automatically make the food taste bad or magically remove the vitamins and shit just because its "fast".

    I love when people are deluded. It gives me something to point and laugh at.
  11. @T.Depta

    preservatives have a lot to do with it, plus colouring additives and flavour enhancers. I worked in food manufacturing a while ago and did a food technology course. Met some people working at Kraft. MacDonalds cheese gets extra colouring agents added to it to give it the orange hue. The meat is packed with additives and preservatives unlike the local butchers. Vegetables are over processed and lacking nutrients found in fresh produce. Sauces and mustards are overly high in sugar and contains more grease than a home cooked burger would be.

    I have been told if it wasn't for the pickles in cheeseburgers they would be classed as a confectionery
  12. Is that the same people that claim that Mcdonalds thick shakes are made from pig fat?

    E621. It puts me on my ass for two days. The only place I have ever had the misfortune of consuming it was in an Italian resturant. I avoid it like religious whackos. I have various issues with some common preservatives also (E621,E631,E629 are flavour enhancers) and i would know pretty quick it a food item is tainted. I can eat at McDonalds, Subway, and Hungry Jacks and not react? Why is that?

    If you go for a stroll through the diary section of the commmon supermarkets you'll find colouring, preservatives and artificial flavourings are quite common within the products. I know this this becasue I MUST know the food I'm eating. At the same time, you cannot paint every fast-food joint with the same brush as using artificail things to boost their products for if they use them and not state it, then they loose their licence. Pretty simple! The only places which i do not eat at are the common 'hot-chip shops'. I fear that people are labelling heavily regulated establishments as the same type of these cesspit corner stores.

    Like i said, you want quality or Grade A fruit/vege, then be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it. They only place you'll find excellent produce is at a produce market/wholesaler. Even then, they are not cheap. But you want pesticide free? Organic is where its at and cost is a premium.

    I know that McDonalds etc. are NOT organic/premium orientated. It would be quite silly to even claim that they are but...

    they certainly aren't shit.
  13. why is it that a simple question will never be answered on a internet forum. if u dont like either the answer is none, actually i was supposed to have a poll on this but it didnt work i did something wrong.

  14. Everyone should eat KFC once a year to remind themselves of WHY they only eat it once a year :LOL:.
  15. You don't actually believe that crap, do you??
  16. That is so true! I get a craving for it once a year and after a couple of pieces of greasy chicken I go argh and don't eat it for another year :LOL:
  17. I just have a problem with some pimple faced teenager with nary a care for hygiene or the end consumer making food for me. Yes there are plenty of regulations in place but the fact remains that we're consuming food prepared by some oddball that could very well be that smelly bastard you couldn't sit next to in the trains.

    On a side note, I used to enjoy the KFC twisters (only because the sauce is pretty tasty), but the last time I ordered one the dimwit making the roll decided to put a twist in my twister... by putting in a piece of chicken leg rather than a fillet; needless to say, I haven't had KFC since.

    That said, I do eat fast food (including kebabs; which have even less in terms of regulations) on occasions but as hornet rightfully said, it keeps me off it for a much longer time. An exception to this rule is the Oporto Bondi Burgers (Yum! Beats Nando's burgers hands down - again, mainly due to the sauce).

    Home-cooked meals anyday.
  18. ive been mulling over writing a thread on this topic exactly for a while now, including many problems with the western diet.

    dont be fooled, fast food chains are a business and a competitive one. every ingredient is from the lowest bidder, and the quality of it suffers. and without a doubt your health suffers

    stay tuned
  19. I guess the other bit is the combos. When you break down the burger that way it's not that bad, though you could also get fat on home-made burgers because they still have more fat than a plate of veg or whatever. But at Maccas you're more likely to then add a heap of chips ('fries') and a large Coke (I do Diet which makes a difference calorie-wise but may have its own issues). In other words, more than your daily energy needs (unless you're an Olympic swimmer or a manual ditch-digger) in a single sitting.

    On the original question, I tend to ride by KFC and smell it and get the urge... and then get grossed out by the grease. Only do that a couple of times a year. Actually, some people punish their bodies by being ascetic (bread and water), but sometimes I punish mine with excess... that's a whole other pathology.

    Red Rooster's 'Tropicana' pack goes pretty well.

    On food, it's just about balance - mix it up, do the salad or the Japanese meal or whatever at home, or the roast lamb and veg, or whatever, most of the time, but a fast food meal a week isn't gonna kill anyone.
  20. That's the stupidest logic I've ever seen. Of course a McDonalds bun at McDonalds is the same as a McDonalds bun bought from a supermarket (Buttercup supply both with the same recipe) :roll:.

    The difference is that the buns you might buy from a bakery, or get when buying a hamburger from the local fish and chip shop are very different. Not only do they contain far, far less sugar than a McDonalds bun - but they also have a lot less chemical additives. The fact that supermarket food items are getting just as processed as the crap you buy in fast-food restaurants is not a good thing.

    The use of additives as a substitute for real food ingredients does make a difference - not only do you miss out on certain trace elements but the method of extracting or synthesising organic compounds can often introduce trace elements you don't want. You can also get problems with the fact that although an additive is "natural" it's present in unnaturally high concentrations (the "no artificial additives" tag on many foods is just laughable).

    There's also the way fast-food outlets deliberately deceive the naive and just plain stupid. A perfect example is McDonalds "healthy" chicken ceaser "deli option" roll. Sounds much healthier than a hamburger, but in reality contains more kilojoules than a quarter pounder.
    If people are interested the ingredients of McDonalds products are on the web so you can judge for yourself (and because they're legally required to provide them):

    Particularly disturbing is the "Powdered Shake Mix - Reconstituted", don't think you'll find glucose solids/maltodextrin (both technically sugars, but not ones that need to be declared when declaring the sugar content of food!), carboxymethylcellulose or polydimethylsiloxane in most people's cupboards (other than as ingredients in processed foods).

    By all means eat fast food if you want - just don't try and convince me it's healthy. I know what's in it.