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Kezza's Big Ride.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Kezza53, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys, I couldn't help myself and have a brag. I am almost half way. Tomorrow I do the Great Ocean Road to Torquey and that will be officially the turning point! Townsville to Melbourne and back. I left Sat 19th and got to Coonabarabran Tuesday. Lots of visiting to do! Had a week of family committments and then Tuesday 29th I head off again stomping over old stamping grounds at Blayney and Neville (great little motel train station there and the pub too). I did my biggest day Wed...Neville to Violet Town Victoria...690 k's. Reckon Davo might be thinking that is an easy days ride but for this old gilrl...well I think it was great! I am having a day off today siteseeing and checking out Ballarat. Lovely friends with a nice warm house! The rain put me back yesterday.Thank goodness my husband bought me the DriRider wet weather gear that I love as much as I hate. Vic rain is cold unlike our Qld rain which is quite warm by comparison even if you can't see through it the chill doesn't set in! Thanks you lot for all the support you give through this forum. I probably wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you! I'd be home knitting socks or baking cakes!! It's all your fault!! Ha ha ha! Kezza
    PS: If you see me out there..I am the dorky one with a purple bag strapped to the seat of my 750 Shadow (Too lousey to by saddle bags because I thought I'd never do it) give me a wave. I'll be heading to Seville Sunday hopfully not lost on one of those freeways going round and round. Give me the open highway anyday even with all those trucks !

  2. WOW!! now that’s a ride!!!

    I’ve just done a Nullarbor road trip and it was fantastic… https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=48472

    The biggest day I did was 1093klm… but mind you, I did around 120kph for around 193klm and the other 900 clicks are 130kph... whooweee!!

    You need to go down to Port Campbell then around to Torque.. that way you can see the Twelve Apostles and ride some great roads!!

    Take care, :wink:

    ps.. i like your choice of bike... not over powered and got some good weight so you don't get blown off the road by strong winds and Road Trains...
  3. Welcome to Vic kezza and glad you're enjoying your trip.

    My wife and I did the reverse in March last year and flew up your way for a week on Maggie, and loved every minute of it. In the round-Aus trip that we're contemplating, we're hoping for a night on Maggie for old-time's sake. ;)

    Enjoy the return ride, and may your trip be rain and truck free! ;)

    Butz. :dunce:
  4. Who authorised Kezza's visa???

    Hope you continue to enjoy your southern trip mate. Stay safe.
  5. woo, great ride, Kezz, enjoy the return loop too. Stay safe.
  6. Thanks guys...yes you are all welcome in sunny north Qld! Visa? You don't need one...!! Had a great day today in Ballarat. Weather was kind today after a cold welcome yesterday. Looking forward to the Great Ocean Road tomorrow.
  7. Well I did it! may not have been as impressive as some of you young ones and I didn't take any rubber off the pedals but I DID IT! Now...my brother from Seville has almost talked me into doing The Black Spur tomorrow! Aparently that will complete my anitiation?! By the way, who ever issues the visas for Qld'ers to come to Vic...could they take the covers off the Apostles and Arches and London Bridge etc. To think I rode all the way from Townsville to NOT see them because of the fog!! At least I did it when you locals probably all stayed in bed..... :p
  8. Davo thinks (for what thats worth) that you are a legend!!
    Anyone who gets out and see's this fabulous country on their motorcycle of ours is A ok in my book.

    Kezza, you done good and congrats on the trip so far and for a successful return.
  9. Thanks Davo...the encouragment means a lot. I have to admit when I look at the map the squiggle is growing to be ...well HUGE and I think to myself I gotta get home now! But just like I got here one step at a time. I am still deciding which way to go back...Orbost and Eden or back up the middle and over to Cooma and down to coast of NSW.have a day to think about it....no hurry! Thanks again.
  10. Kezza...I reckon you've just discovered the best part of motorcycling..touring.

    Now when you get home, put your route on a map of Australia, you will see there is just so much more left. Welcome to the start of a long(er) journey. :wink:

    Wishing you a safe and enjoyable ride home.
  11. I have a lot to learn as motorcyclist. I see these young things vroomming around and getting there in quick times. I feel like a bit of a slow poke just doing the speed limit! Friends keep asking how my bum is holding up! You'd think they'd look at the seat of a Shadow to know the answer to that question! However...my neck is giving me hell. Any tips a part from a good rub? Is it because I am hanging on too tight? I think I need some coaching. I am going to try and make Bundanoon from Seville tomorrow. Thats about 9 hours if I don't muck around. And my head doesn't rip off from my neck and shoulders. I am tough but it is starting to be a bother.
  12. Try to stay loose and not tense up. Keep your elbows down which should help keep your shoulders down and make sure you're not tensing your shoulders in the shrugged position.

    I'm not familiar with the 750 Shadow, does it have a screen? It could be that your neck is sore because you are having to battle to keep your head in the correct position in the wind? If this is the case, without getting a screen (or a larger/different one if it already has one), I'm not really sure what to do? Perhaps leaning forward/ducking down a bit so your body is angling into the wind, rather than bolt upright so it's just your neck doing the work may help, but I'm just guessing a little on that one.

    It might be an endurance thing where in the long run it gets better as the neck muscles get more accustomed to it (i.e. stronger), but that's sod all comfort in the mean time.

    Enjoy the ride, hope the neck behaves itself...I'm jealous, don't wanna be at work! :(

    Butz. :beer:
  13. You neck could be getting sore because you are holding it in the same position hour after hour. Try stretches (say every half hour) turning the head to right and left, forward and back, chin on chest, shoulder to shoulder. Do this before you get sore, although it may help after. Oh it maybe wise to slow down if you have a lot of wind pressure.

    Actually any exercises you can do while riding will help you not only be more comfortable at the end of the day, but also allow you to be more alert and attentive on the long days. And don't forget to exercise your eyes too.
  14. If you havent got a screen get one… at least for touring… then you will be able to put in bigger distances…

    Your neck and arms will thank you… if you are still on the road then you can get a type of “neck brace†that fits under your helmet… I’ve seen them in bike shops an di reckon they’d stop a lot of wind noise as well…

    Noise if very fatiguing…. So make sure you have in a “good†set of ear plugs…

    If you have or get the right screen it will cut down on wind noise as well…

    also for long distances… get up early… go to bed early… take full advantage of the light…

    on a recent trip I pushed out 1093 klm in a day during daylight… mind you.. I did speed a bit on that day ;) but you should be able to push 800klm a day constantly if you look after yourself and have the right equipment..
  15. Thanks Guys yet again. I analysed my riding a bit on my 745k run day before yesterday (creeping up) and I think it is because I am holding on too tight. I didn't have a bit of trouble till I got to the rain and cold then I guess I wasn't having as much fun but I also reckon that I am getting fitter and it will not be a problem by the time I get home!! For some reason I can't see myself with a screen...I love eating bugs!! (Just kidding)
  16. I'm back! Cruised into to Townsville in the dark and rain, Monday 18th after a cautious run (due to flood) from Clermont. What a ride! I had a week in Bundanoon waiting for the weather to clear because I am a woos but then very happy to be on the road again heading home via all my stops...Kangaroo Valley, Sea Bridge at Stanwell Park and Bald Hill, my old stamping grounds at Cronulla through Sydney at peak hour no less and into Gosford where traffic jams are born! Blissfully leave there the next day to spend a night in Werriss Creek at the Signal Hotel Boarding House which I didn't know at the time was a family possession in the 1950's but found out at the Rail Museum a must see if you go there just to meet the boys who run it! They are as possessed about trains as some of us are about bikes. Great to meet like minded crazies....anyway after a wonderful morning a fairly boring ride to Coonabarabran again. I gave myself a treat and did Tooraweenah through the Warrumbungles to make up for it, the day before setting off on what was supposed to be a quick trip up the centre to get home via a swim in the bore baths at Lightening Ridge then up to Roma BUT water water everywhere stopped me and well... now I know Clermont like the back of my hand. The owner of Leo's Hotel at least made me welcome and checked the RACQ for me and helped with local creek knowledge. I actually thought I might still be there if I listened to him for much longer. It's probably a ploy to get more customers! Instead I packed up after two days and sat by the road till someone came through and I asked if I would make it to Mackay. Got the thumbs up and off I went. Proserpine had me captive as well another rider but after consulting a bus driver we discussed it and hit the road again. In the 8500 or so k's I did, this last part was the only bit I did that I was NOT by myself. I think he said his name was Dennis... on a Motto Guzzi...flash, the bike too...I would not have gone through the water if it wasn't for him and more than likely stayed another night somewhere. I was grateful for the company and confidence. He kindly kept his speed down for me andhe waved me off as went our seprate ways in town. I appreciated it. Looking at the crosses planted along that Giru to Alligator creek part....urggg! I am okay with still being cautious! Lots more riding to do and you better believe it I am sure up for it now! Farriders Perth trip is definately a goer but not this year...I don't think!! My map looks impressive and I carry it eveywhere to show all my friends and I can't help but wear this stupid grin . I think I must be happy! At last I have found something that really does make my soul sing.
    I have been praised by my friends as amazing for travelling so light. Someone from this forum told me to pack essentials and then remove half. A pretty good equation to follow but I will be removing a few more items for next trip like the extra shirts and undies. The traveling alone was great. I could do whatever I pleased with no dramas of agreeing or disagreeing on how when where or why. Awesome!Till the next BIG RIDE! Kezza. :LOL:
    PS: My favourite item to take and the one I hated most was the same thing. I bought a Dririder Wet suit the day before I left on this ride. It took up precious room when it wasn't being used and when it was being used I felt like the Mitchelen Man's siamese twins however it does keep you warm when wet (if you get caught like I did ) and it does keep you dry even while crossing flooded roads and getting totaly covered with a fan of water that would make a jet ski jealous! My bike VT750 Shadow never missed a beat the whole journey; started first time, even when I put basic fuel in her. She's been washed and polished and has her place of honour...the front porch...have to climb over her to get in the house.
  17. What a great ride Kezza, I hope next time you're passing this way you'll let us Sydneysiders Know. :grin:
  18. Good to hear you are home safe and sound Kezza.