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Keysafe Leather Key Pouch

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by skar6270, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. If anyone else has to deal with keys scratching your bike then pick up one of these. I just took delivery and used it today.. BIG IMPROVEMENT, no more keys jumping around and scratching everything and it looks a lot better than I thought it would (its smaller than I thought)


    The size of the pouch is about 7cm x 4cm (in the centre). Thinking about getting a second one for a mate. It also comes in a style suited for side ignition

    It has two rings, a large one on the outside for the main key and a small chain inside the actual pouch for your other keys (I put my disk lock key on that one).
  2. I just have the ignition key off the ring and the others in my pocket.
  3. I would do that but my problem is that i'm prone to losing keys when they aren't in one place so with this I don't have to worry about anything. I have my ignition key, disk lock and house key on this thing so it makes things really easy for me and having it all stored in that pouch makes it easy to slip it into my pocket.

    I used to keep my house keys in my pocket until I read some discussions about impaling yourself with them if you have an off.. scared the crap out of me
  4. one key. one rubber keyring.
  5. The manufacturer calls them "scroats"

    Not sure if that is because they look like a scrotum or because the manufacturer is a scroat!!!!

    The product is shit!! it falls apart easily, someone that bought one almost lost their key because the key ring broke.

    Someone else lost their key because the chain fell apart.

    We had them printed with the Netrider logo and the logo rubbed off within a day.

    When we complained the manufacturer stated that it didnt matter about the logo, the item was more important. :?:?:?:?

    Verdict = SHIT product.

    But I'm glad you like it ;)