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KeySafe Keyrings and Leather Panniers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mouth, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. A few weeks ago, Sarah was enjoying a brew at a coffee shop when a guy on a GSX-F750 pulled up nearby. Being the proud Netrider'ian, she went up to have a chat and 'card' him :) Turn's out the guy, Steve Peters, had just finished from his job and was starting his own business in bike leather accessories - keyrings and pannier bags. I have one of his keyrings, and they are terrific!

    The keysafe keyring have a soft durable leather pouch which safely stores your house/work/locker/disk-lock keys etc, without them scratching your triple clamp. I was annoyed at always having to have my bike key seperate, or pull it off my keyring, eveytime I wanted to use it - especially when I had to turn around shortly after leaving the house to get my house, locker, and disk-lock keys because I'd forgotten them :)

    I think they are so great, we now have them available on the Netrider merchandise page, complete with Netrider logo :) Would make christmas presents :)

    If you are looking for leather panniers, Steve also does those at great prices. He can be contacted on 0400 059 281
  2. Well they didn't last too long now did they.

    We ordered 5 and all 5 were sold in a matter of days.

    Is there any interest for more?
  3. So where are they mister delivery person? Don't tell me you are actually going to make me wait until the BBQ this Saturday.....
  4. Q. Did you pay for postage?
    A No

    I guess you will have to wait till the BBQ like the others :p
  5. So Vic, will you be cooking BBQ keyrings :p :LOL:
  6. Jason, the panniers sound interesting. I was wondering if you have seen them. Are they the throw over type or do you strap them on?

  7. Good thing his name isn't the other way around or Matt232 might fire up :p
  8. No, haven't seen them. From memory I think they are throw over, straps going in under the seat. Best you call him to call and discuss though. I do remember that the pricing of them copared to retail stores was very good.
  9. Thanks. :D

  10. Details Details....
  11. O don't worry "Steve Peters" (if that is his "real" name) is on my radar and under keen scrutiny.... :evil:

  12. I couldn't see em on the merchandising page, so I put my glasses on and I still couldn't see em. Then I thought I best read the entire thread and found this

    Will you/have you ordered more?
  13. You are right teddee, they seemed to have disappeared, just send Vic a PM and I am sure he will get some more in for you.
  14. Folks, thanks for the interest but we will no longer be carrying the items.

    The quality of the print (logo) was very poor and when the feedback went to the manufacturer he got all upset and told us to deal with it, so we did, we removed them from our merchandise page.
  15. I now own a collectors item....cool!!

    Wonder how much they will increase in value.....
  16. Hey Matt, thanks for the tip about those multi-tool screwdriver thingies at Katmandu, and for navigating us there to buy them. Mrs Hornet was mightily impressed with the fact that they have taken care of five Christmas presents :D
  17. What? she bought one, took it apart and gave everyone a piece of it :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Thanks Matt :grin: :p :grin: I'm honoured
  19. How did I miss that, Vic?
    No I bought five of them, and I can now report that the recipients were mightily impressed, so thanks again matt :)
  20. The idea is great, the sales person however..................