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Keyring - Which do you have?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by polako, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Out of curiosity, what sort of keyring do you have?
    I'm interested in getting a nice keyring perticularly for my bike, especially something that wont scratch it.

    At the moment I have the keyring I got with the bike, its like a plasticy/rubber material with the name of the shop I got my bike from.

    Not very original :wink:

    Any ideas/advice appreciated :)

  2. Mmm I'm still using my action one, as its rubber and wont make marks as it flaps around.
  3. hey polako,
    I had one similar to this on the keys for my Blade,
    made out of rubber, so no scratches,
    I got it with the bike when I purchased it,


  4. Rubber for me and the only key on it is the bike key. :grin:
  5. :? what happend to the netrider keyring idea that was floating around a while back.?

    Vic did you kill that?
  6. i zippy tied my bike key to my disc lock key... no scratches :cool:
  7. I used to have a red honda hornet made out of rubber - but it snapped off.

    now I have my 'hornets nest' membership keyring.

    it's yellow plastic, doesn't scratch at all.
  8. I have a leather one with the Suzuki "S" embossed into it.
    I dont have any other keys on that ring and no scratches.
  9. I have an RACV membership tag attached to my key.
  10. I have a red/black rubber suzuki hayabusa keyring, and that's all that is attached to the key. Otherwise the key surround ends up getting rubbed.
  11. Top referral my friend!
    I just bought one to replace my dealers keyring. This would make it easier for the guy/girl on the service counter to find my keys nxt time.[/img]
  12. I've got one of the Honda rubber keyrings.
  13. I have a rubber thong that I got as a souvenir from Fiji when I was there. Nice and colourful, but it is also girly I suppose. Hubby doesnt like it. He thinks I should have a "honda" key ring.

    ps the kind of thong that goes on your foot.
  14. my keys' attached to an Orlando Pirates (club emblem) keyring.
  15. ah, found a pic of my keyring:

  16. I got a rubber keyring of a virago :p plus all these other keys attached to it (bike lock key, bike helmet storage key, bike steering lock key)

    the keyhole for the virago is on the engine (close to it) so my engine case is completely scratched (but its been like that since I bought it so no big deal)

    only thing annoying it that at high speeds, the keys rattle and it's really annoying cos it sounds like gravel is kicking up and hitting my engine case :p
  17. Keyring? I have no keyring. Mine is a naked, afterall!
  18. club aprilia sent me one of these with one of their newsletters