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Key wont turn in ignition - gsx250f

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by repudi8or, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Hi Folks,

    First off, im not mechanically minded. Willing to have a bash at simple stuff, but otherwise it goes to the shop where someone who knows what they are doing can take care of it.

    So i came into some cash and am about to upgrade my gsx250f to something decent. I decided to take the old beast down to the shop for a mechanical once over and then i would sell it privately to get some extra $$$ to contribute to my upgrade. the gsx250f has only been ridden sporadically this year due to other interests in the fore. Anyhow ........

    I put key in ignition and it wont turn. Front forks are not locked but key is just not moving at all. Key hole position seems to be half way between lock and the first notch. I have no idea what to do from this point and would welcome any suggestions.

    I tried a little brute force but the key started to bend so i gave up. Its like something has displaced the tumblers inside the lock. The key can be removed easily, just wont turn.

    Are there motorbike specific locksmiths?

    All constructive suggestions gratefully received.

    Regards Rep
  2. Can you insert the key all the way in?
    And when you do, does it feel a bit "springy" at the bottom?

    I'd normally advise graphite powder but if the barrel has rusted it won't do much good...
  3. I would try a small squirt of WD 40,usually not recommended for locks but if its seized with rust.Don't flood it,the reason WD isn't recommended is it turns any other lube into a thick paste and makes it worse but slight sticking and seized sold are to different things.
    Another tip is have a look at the centre of the lock.There is a bit that rotates with the key,try pushing down in this while working the key.Take care you don't brake the key off.
  4. Did you give the bars a wiggle while turning the key, sometimes that helps. My old zx9 could be a little fiddly and wiggling both key and bars usually sorted it out. Hopefully it's something as simple as that, good luck!