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Key not lost.. but

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stripped6, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. I must admit that while packing things under the pillion seat in the past, I have thought that locking the key in there would be a problem. But I never thought it would actually happen.

    Guess What :shock:

    I was up at Mt Glorious for a spin today and pulled over to take a pic of some cloudy stuff as it was raining on and off. I unpacked my stuff and took a few shots. It started to rain again and so I quickly started to put it all back, and it happened.

    In one smooth motion I put my helmet bag in and snapped the seat down. Problem was my key was on my helmet bag and hey presto, I'm f#$%^d.

    Strangely enough I had left my house keys with pocket knife attached out. This gave me hope and the next half hour was spent trying to whitle sticks into lock pickers. This of course didn't work and I was back to square one.

    After a few more dead ends I discovered the plastic coverings could be bent enough to get a finger in. Some pain and missing skin later I had the key.

    Tip here is beyond obvious, but it can happen.

    Also thanks to the other riders that slowed down to see if I was ok.
  2. Haha, too easy - done similar with locking keys in boot of car.

    Lost my bike keys for days (only had one set) when finally found them stuck to the bottom of my magnetised tank bag that I had searched through already 20 times.
  3. Ouch. This is why I leave my spare set in my jacket now :p I had a habit of leaving my bike keys IN the bike. Funnily enough both times they were handed to the police station across the road -_- I got lucky.
  4. hah hah, I had exactly the same thing happen last time I was in Melbourne, staying at Stookie and Lil's place; searched the place for 20 minutes trying to find the keys until I turned my tank bag up-side down.....
  5. I have a spare key hidden on the hornet somewhere. All I need is a screwdriver to get to it. I figure finding a screwdriver is easier than picking a lock or trailering the bike home. :wink:
  6. lol thats a good idea.. puting it sumwhere on the bike ..

    1. that'll give the bike thief abita time to spend trying to start the bike ..
    (here i have a screw driver, find the key)
    2. its jus like one of those family drama movies how they used the fake rock and place the key inside and threw it in the pond. hehe
    3. i have to get my key copied :)
  7. I have a spare set in the seat bag, i always ride with the seat bag on, so i should never get in this position :wink:
  8. I've left my cars keys locked in my car..

    in the ignition.. with the engine on, and the stereo and aircon on.. without noticing.

    I've done this several times in fact, so I've just come to the conclusion that I'm a fool and theres nothing to be done but accept it and move on :)
  9. where can i get my key copied? i live near broadway. and key cutters told me to head down to a honda dealer and grab a key from them.. and come back to get it cut..

    if so ..

    How much will the key cost... + cutting..

    from your experienced.

    quote i got from him he said it can be about $6 sumthing for key... and should be about up to $10 to cut. :? i dnno if he meant he'll cut for 4 bucks..
  10. heh, i've had to get into the boot before without the key cause the mechanic didn't attach the lock to the actual locking mechanism... that wasn't fun.

    Thought I lost my keys in Wollongong at one stage, made my Dad drive all the way back to Tahmoor and down again (it's a 40-50 minute drive, one way) to get my spare key... Found my key the next day when I turned my jeans upside down :oops:
  11. lucky u have sumone to do favours for..

    im by my self .. i'd prob have to catch a cab home if i was stuck in granville.. or train it.. then train it back to the bike wit the spare.
  12. I have a clip on my key, when the key isn't in the bike it is clipped to the D rings on my helmet.
  13. Thats a good idea clip it to the helmet, not like you can misplace that easy.
  14. or blu tac it on the inside of the helmet. under the padding =] bcoz the helmet is the only thing u will not forget we you're out riding :) jacket u may wash or alternate to another one. :)
  15. Funny you should say that, i have forgoten my helmet as i lleft work to walk to the bike, it is about 5 mins walk to the bike parking area.
    So i get there, go through the usual stuff, remove disc lock, start bike, strap on the seat bag, put on the helmet :shock: Where the f#$k is my helmet :oops: Id left it at work :evil: . So off goes the bike, unstrap the seat bag and walk back to work :evil:
  16. lol u legend.

    Kudos :LOL:
  17. Worst I've done is not realised my keys were magnetised to the bottom of my tank bag and walked around like a loony for 20 mins - carrying the bag - to which was stuck the keys.

    Silent little buggers when they are pinned flat.
  18. wakes up in the morning.. waste abita time knowing that it aint gon be alota traffic in glebe.

    30 minutes to work start.

    15min got everything ready.. looked for key and its not there! .. roaming around the room flip bed upside down looked through the pocket inside the jacket... there's none .. 15minutes later Jumping in anger .. *cling cling* .. wtf .. it was in my back pocket .. rushed down to the bike .. start .. vroom off .. 30min gone .. work started .. got to the parking lot .. NO parking .. rode around city .. *sigh* Loading zone ... ALLL OVER THE CITY >.< .. bloody hell .. rode down to market st .. saw a spot . parked it straight in between two cars .. ran up to work. king st .. 30min late ..

    NOTE : take everything out and lay it out where u most likely will spend time in the morning and you'll be fine =]