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Key lock function on GPX-250??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Banana Fred, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Howdy all.

    Can someone tell me the function of this here little key lock thingimie on the GPX-250? I didn't get an owners manual with the bike so I thought I'd ask here.

  2. I believe it's for locking your helmet to your bike if you choose to do so, or to hold a spare helmet
  3. *scratches own pointy head*

    How do you lock a helmet to it?
  4. you hook the rings at the end of the straps, on your helemt, to that bar where the red arrow is pointing to

    hahah sorry i don't know the technical terms for those parts
  5. I don't know of many people that use them. Attched the metal loop thingy (am I being too technical?) on the end of your helmet strap to the bar that slides when you turn the key. Then rest your helmet on your pillon footpeg.

    Personally I carry my helmet, or attach it to the grab bar with a bike lock.
  6. Ahhhh... I'm with you now.
  7. I'm to paranoid of the bike falling over and smacking it or someone coming along and cutting the strap and walking off with my helmet. If I cant avoid taking my helmet with me I use the under the seat lock and use a strong bike chain through the face opening and lock that to the wheel.
  8. vic slik... i too asked that question ;) it had me dumbfoudned for a while...

    but i always carry my helmet with me. never left it locked to the bike, dunno... probably worried about people spitting in it.. sticking drinks..r ubbish chewing gum etc,...
  9. Yep, it's a nice idea... just not sure how truly safe the helmet would be.
  10. That helmet lock on the GPX isn't worth the trouble it takes to use it. A word of caution - your helmet will rest against the exhaust when you use the stupid lock so it's not a good idea to use it straight after riding (ie. when it's hot).
  11. had that thought too... and we all know that humanity aint as nice or as honest as it once was...

    i say ignore the lock...

    and carry it with ya
  12. Intersting site at this years expo.
    Some riders had their jackets draped over their seats and their helmets sitting on the tanks. The riders were nowhere to be seen, presumably visiting the expo.

    Perhaps they still trust humanity more than most.
  13. Mmmm I don't even leave my helmet with my bike when paying at the servo!
  14. One thing about taking your helmet with you is that less people wonder why your dressed the way you are - especially if your leathers are brightly colored and people are left wondering if there's a star trek convention in town or you're ealry for the gay pride parade.