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Key causes off

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rsser, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Just a heads-up...

    There are some keystraps on the market with a ring on one end joined to a carabiner on the other with a short piece of webbing.

    Thinking this was a good way to keep my topbox key from scratching the yoke I kept it at one end, ignition key at the other, and dropped the strap to the front of the ignition assembly while riding.

    This morning the key jammed prob between the fairing mount and the ignition assembly, stopping me from getting the lock I needed for a slow turn and pitching me off. :shock:

    Luckily the traffic was standing still. Minor scratching - the Oggy knob took most of the blow. Didn't do my back wonders though picking the bike up.
  2. i have one of those, i put an extra keyring on it, so i wedge my fuel-cap/top box key underneath so it stands vertical, and put the caribiner thingo around my clutch cable, it stays out of the way and stops it scratching without causing any interference whatsoever
  3. good move
  4. lesson learnt? :p
  5. Ouch. I felt that in my pride.

    That's why I carry the ignition key by itself with just a rubber tag so I can grab it easier.
  6. Yo, here's my kustom set-up, dawgz


    Go soft nylon... or whatever it is. I'm pretty sure that tag came out of a box of Nutri-Grain.
  7. yeah I have something like Ktulus so I keep all my keys in my pocket with the ignition key and only a small strap flying around. It is nice and simple, although it was a little home made jobbie, still well worth the effort.
  8. Chris, why do you have a key to my house...?
  9. sure its not your chastity belt, not house key?
  10. ...and why does that other key have "Pleasure room" written on it?

    And congradulations RADNESS....for having the coollest name on the site. Your prize is in the mail. I hope she doesn't suffocate before she gets to you.
  11. I don't have the slightest idea what your talking about.

    Featured in the photo is the key to my bike, my Ferrari, my Tuscan villa, and my monster truck powered by the tears of orphans.

    Oh, and my keyless bra remover.
  12. Tears of orpahns eh? Mine runs on the oppression of minorities
  13. Should have got Rudolph Diesel's version - runs on the compression of minorities :p
  14. This place really is the better for having us, isn't it?
  15. Glad you asked.

    What's your answer?
  16. Ummm, 32? I don't know, maths was not my strong point. Do I have to show working?
  17. here's a key causing an off!

  18. Like smoking with your feet; opening the front door with the rear tyre never really works.
  19. Hey bonox, what that sensor attached the swing arm ?

  20. ABS... methinks.

    That'd suck... new tyre fo sho.