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kevler shirt

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Chrisco7689, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. i am interssted in getting one of those Draggins Kevlar Shirts to wear as my ONLY torso protective clothing as its so damn hot atm.. i have been in an off where i ate ashphalt at 40kmhr my cordura jacket was wonderfull..no road rash and only bruise i got was where my cheast smashed the road..

    any way long story short.. has any one used this shirt. any recomadations.

    do you think it provides proficient protection for general riding around town.. moderate traffic.

    i fully gear up on long group rides or distant rides but for something around town i need something easy.. i am a large (4XL) fella.. so thouse summer jackets or those vented sports jackets do not fit..

    any other suggestions i am open.

  2. you should be able to get a dririder vented jacket in 4xl
  3. I have recently acquired a pair of the Draggin full kevlar gloves.

    See separate review when I write it.

    I have faith in the abrasion resistance that it offers but there is zero impact protection.

    Something to consider?
  4. I've been interested in looking at of one of these with MX armour underneath/over the top. I just cannot find a stockist with them in Melbourne! Sorry to add a question to your post but keeps the forum tidy ;)

    Anyone have any ideas?
  5. you can't find MX armour or a kevlar shirt?
  6. No worries getting the armour but I still haven't been to any shops that stock the long sleeved shirts - only the range of jeans.
  7. i got a 4xl mesh jacket, at riders edge(no not anywhere near you, I think they do online sales...)... motodry. quite comfy, and very cool. $140.
  8. draggin jeans are in port melb
  9. I've got a draggin' jeans linen jacket with kevlar lining and back protector. It will take armour for the elbows as well . It even looked respectable when I bought it 5 years ago. Very cool when riding - the wind blows straight through it but being black it gets hot off the bike.

    I've contemplated the shirt - it would be good for around town but I suspect it could be a bit itchy next to the skin.
  10. I bought the Draggins K-shirt and K-legs about a month ago.

    The K-legs are great, I wear them under jeans or cotton beach pants. They are about the thickness and feel of a pair of thermal underwear. I've found them very comfortable and it's nice being able to wear whatever pants I want and just put the K-legs on under them.

    The K-shirt. I bought it as well cause I wanted something cooler for summer. I only have a Dririder Aspen Jacket, which is a compromise jacket really when it comes to summer.

    The K-shirt is about as thick as a sweatshirt. I would recommend wearing a t-shirt underneath it so you can take the K-shirt off at your destination. I found it's just too hot to wear around off the bike in summer.

    If I didn't already have the Dririder Aspen Jacket I would buy the Dririder Climate Control Jacket instead of using the K-shirt. Since I have to take off either at the destination, might as well have the impact protection of the jacket.
  11. Well that I didn't know! Thanks mate - much appreciated. I'll swing by and have a look.