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Kevlar work/formal trousers/jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Masakali, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. What is everyone's recommendations for kevlars which can also double as formal pants?

    I'm not expecting something as good as a pair of Hugo bosses, but something you can get away with in internal meetings.

    From the ones I've seen so far, it is the stitching that is the hardest to camoflauge.
  2. Had a pair of kevlar chinos. I was fine wearing them but eventually the missus couldn't stand it any more and told me I looked like a hobo in 'em. To be honest they had taken a beating in the elements, in a very short time.

    I use overpants now.
  3. I would get a pair of kevlar leggings and then wear whatever you want on top.
  4. I wear Draggins Chinos at work - http://www.dragginjeans.net/product/chinos for men

    I'm not the most formally dressed at work but I get by. But I only wear them now so that if I want to ride somewhere at lunch time I'm good to go. I don't wear them for my commute anymore since examining some people's experience with them twisting and riding up in an accident and finding the kevlar not protecting the bits that were sliding on the ground. Each to their own, but I'm wearing my textiles / leathers for my (32km freeway riding) commute now.
  5. wear your kevlar jeans over your form trousers? I used to wear my trackies/jeans under my Draggin Camo jeans. All you got to do is strip down the Draggins and you're good to go.
  6. Didn't taakami just make some office pants with kevlar in them and room for armour?
  7. Very good point, they look like very weathered trousers to begin with, could only imagine what they start looking like after some use.

    That is what I'm doing atm. Was just looking at alternative options, five less minute in the office changing is five extra minute on the roads! I tried changing at my desk, but in an open office setting, you get strange looks, even if you have trousers underneath!

    They seem to suffer from the same problem as most, the stitching gives it away quite obviously. Would need a more invisible front stitching to look decent in the office IMO.
  8. It looks even funnier when you have a sub division and female office workers! One of them sees me get changed every day, I think there is a mutual acceptance that I will take my pants off every morning.
  9. Takamii makes black trousers. I wear them to more casual meetings. Won't pass for suit pants but not too bad :)

    Upside is good protection!
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  10. FFS do it in the loo when you take your "before starting work leak". I was lucky at the office I've just moved from - we had shower rooms with lockers. Now I'd have to change in the girl's loo (it has quite a big front part tho) or take a chance on how effective the venetians are on my office windows and door 8-[
  11. hahahaha...loo is too far also I wear my work gear under my bike gear...so I don't get naked...sheesh. I'm not that bad...:p
  12. We also had coat cupboards, so I'd keep my work gear at work - a week's supply of it. Didn't need to carry stuff every day or wear layers. That office was a heck of a long way away from home, but it had some benefits.
  13. + 1 for Takamii's kevlars!

    wear them to work on casual days, everyone see's jeans, when I explain what they really are for the point out the safety aspect, they're very impressed, triple stichin, kevlar lined, protection on hips and knees,wouldnt wear any other kevlars.
  14. It all sounds too hard.
    Change jobs instead
  15. I tried the cloth pants, didn't rate them. I have gone back to wearing my draggins over work pants then whip em' off when I get there.
  16. Doesn't wearing Draggins (or anything really?) over suit pants crush the bejeezus out of them?

    I just wear kevlars to work with my suit pants rolled up in my Gearsack (along with my hair care products & thermal wear!). Change in the loo's. You may have to change you're daily 'get to work' routine but so what.
  17. I have permanent press pants, so they come out straight as a die.

    The 'gotcha' is to make sure your riding jeans get washed regularly, otherwise your work pants end up smelling like your crotch.

    //you might like that.
    ///I have heard some do.
    ////Ok, that's a lie. People will avoid you in the street.