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Kevlar versus Leather

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mcsenna, May 30, 2012.

  1. Howdy folks
    I have searched the forum on this subject and there is much said about the pros and cons of Kevlar.
    I haven't, however, been able to really see what people think are the advantages of one over the other.
    What is the difference. The word "Kevlar" conjures up images of indestructable, bullet proof stuff, is that the case with bike clothing? Be intersted to hear more on this subject.
    Maybe someone who actually makes or sells the Kevlar gear has some "facts" that support their product.

  2. Leather is better - but hotter , heavier , possibly more uncomfortable

    Kevlar under denim/cotton is a compromise

    to be "bullet proof" you need many criss crossed layers etc etc
  3. Thanks, that's the sort of stuff I am interested in hearing.
  4. Leather is king! The photo is the result at 50kmh, now imagine 100k's.
    Personally I find leather more comfortable. You do need to rug up underneath at this time of year as it breaths and can be a bit chilly.. If you can afford it, definately go leather.

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  5. You need to rug up under the kevlar stitched denim too..............offers no wind breaking qualities whatsoever.....
  6. Being a wearer of both Kevlar jeans and leather pants (only ever worn the leather jacket) I can DEFINITELY agree with Takamii. My leathers are noticeably heavier, MUCH hotter but feel much safer giving me that little bit more confidence. They are also pretty uncomfortable and impractical for anything between getting off the bike and getting back on again. So if I'm twistie riding for fun its no competition, leather all the way. For commuting etc. Kevlar is much easier and comfortable.

    If your interested in first hand experience, I can also say I've taken a slide (although admittedly a slow speed one thank god) wearing the kevlars. Slid a good 10-20m or so on the Kevlar arse of my jeans. Not a scratch or a graze at all. The left back pocket is a little worn on the corner now though. Lol. So they definitely work. :)
  7. Ok... that's a photo of the result of falling off at 50kph.

    WHAT was the wearing riding though?
  8. Having said that I agree with SammyA. I wouldnt want to repeat that slide at 100kph.
  9. Probably the kevlar jeans next to his knee in the photo.

    My leather pants have kevlar lining. A pretty dumb idea but probably why they were so cheap.
  10. Have a look at The Adventure Rider site thread on Mosport gear,its a couple of hundred pages.Its very expensive and a bit controversial,I have a pair of the Lycra Kevlar GP2 pants.Its made of the material used in the flexible sections of high end leather suits.
  11. Kevlar "jeans" tend to just protect key areas... arse, outside thigh and knees.
    But they are stitched to the "jeans" so if the jeans move / twist at all then the kevlar may not end up being where its needed. Of course this is more likely when skidding.

    Leather pants however are leather... generally everywhere. So you get more protection because its covering more of you.

    I haven't worn a leather jacket but from all reports I've heard to date, they're cooler because leather can be punched with lots of holes and gets its integrity. Not sure I've seen any leather pants with breathing/ventilation holes though.
  12. I've not worn a textile jacket to compare, but with the ventilation holes its great in summer at keeping the heat down while rolling (heats up quick as hell in sun at the lights though), in the winter however its near on impossible to wear without the thermal lining in and at least a light jumper. The icy air rips right through it like a razor
  13. I cannot comment on Leather pants but If i could afford them i would definately take leather over Kevlar Denim stuff or textile.

    I have Kevlar "Jeans" and Textile Pants with Knee Armor, The textile pants to me feel much safer, Maybe because they have the armor and are a fair bit heavier. My Draggin Kevlar Jeans are alot more comfy though and i have bought Draggin Knee Pads to add under it, good for going to a party or just down to the shops without needing to change or walk around in heavier stuff since they just look like nice jeans. They may not rip apart if you crash but the Impact is still pretty damn painful (Especially on your knees). Go with the leathers if your going to be riding a lot. :D

    Dont make the same mistake i did and Go with the super protective $40 jeans from Jay jays.. Because this happens at 35ks

  14. If I was sliding down the road I would prefer to be in leather but everything is a compromise.

    Kevlar jeans tend to have the kevlar held to you by the denim, If you slide down the road far enough the denim has got to disintegrate and at that point even though the integrity of the kevlar may be good, there may not be anything to hold it to you. Even if you don't slide down the road denim will wear out and will need to be replaced waaay much sooner than leather, so leather could end up cheaper despite a higher initial outlay. However kevlar jeans are usually cooler in summer than leather or textile pants.

    Kevlar is not just in jeans but often in textile jacket/pants along with a variety of other materials. Leather is still better than textile in a crash but textile is more waterproof and probably warmer in winter - yes you will probably need your liner- but if you didn't your jacket would be way too hot in warmer weather.

    I have leather and textile and I wear both depending on how hot, cold, wet, dry it's going to be.

    Both textiles and leather come in ventilated and non-ventilated styles.

    And if you are planning to do track days they normally only accept leather.
  15. Sartso kevlar jeans, shown next to my knee. As others have eluded, the coverage is not full, so if you slide feet first like I did, the denim moves up and exposes your knees to the area not covered by kevlar and you have no protection. Apart from the better abrassion resistance with leather and full coverage, leathers are generally 'fitted' so the dont move around to expose your skin.
  16. Kevlar laden jeans are overstated. They offer better protection over standard jeans, and should be better at lower speed accidents.

    But the main problem, is that these kevlar products offer NO impact resistance/protection.
    Leather does! As well as superior wear resistance whilst sliding at the higher speeds.
  17. bollocks

    mine did fine in a 100kph high side tumble roll and slide

    methinks you are voicing opinion regarding suitability at track speeds
  18. Umm, no!

    If you want to jump off your bike at 100 k's in Kevlar type jeans, like 'Dragins' etc, go right ahead...
    I'll wear my leathers.

    IMHO, you got lucky, and shouldn't be pitching it as typical of what to expect from Kevlar Jeans.
  19. Around Australia you will find track days and ride days in most states 2 or 3 times a week at most race tracks . As fair as I know at every track leathers are mandatory I don't see them recommending Kevlar jeans "

    The road isn't the track I know and it's your personal choice ride in whatever you like
    But if your thinking which is offering more protection in an off ... Leather
  20. cbf'd quoting specific posts,
    but if what you are wearing affects your confidence or makes you feel safer or determines how hard you ride on the street.
    then you are a worry.

    if your gear saves you from injury on the street then it's just pure luck that you did'nt hit anything at speed.

    this is Australia mate. we have guard rails and wire rope barriers on freeways. legitimate here.
    you may as well be wearing nothing.

    not saying you should'nt wear the best gear money can buy. because you might just get lucky.
    just don't put any faith in it whatsoever.