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Kevlar or cordura jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Josheos, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. I'm new to riding and am looking at a jacket, having a little look on eBay I'm tossing up between 2 potential jackets, one is a Kevlar hoodie style one and the other is your typical cordura road bike jacket, which one would be more safer for me to wear?



    I like the Kevlar one as it's more casual, I ride mostly commuting and running erands etc so it's not as full on as the traditional cordura jacket. Not sure which one would protect me more in a crash though
  2. steer clear of eBay and buy something you are less likely to die in... would you trust an eBay special with your body parts?

    Dririder Air-Ride 3 Black Jacket

    Hoodies are too loose, so the armour moves about and ends up not where you need it in an off. When I want to look cool and casual, I just put my hoodie over the top of my jacket.
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  3. My 2c. Best to try your jacket on to ensure it fits first. Check that CE armour sits right. If it is a short jacket, see if that would expose your lower back. What sort of a bike are you riding?
  4. Try before you buy. Move arms qnd bend overas if youtron a bike. Feel for comfort but snug fit
  5. Just a little vtr250, fairly upright seating position
  6. I got a cheapo leather eBay jacket, and it's survived well through a few crashes.

    Kevlar hoodies are useless when you come off, they just ride up and expose skin
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  7. I bought a Dririder hoodie, removed the armour and got an Axo air cage, I wear the air cage under the hoodie and I out the armour from the hoodie into the knees and hips of my Aldi bike jeans
  8. I bought the cordura one you have linked. It's a good jacket. It is more of a winter jacket and is hot on a Sumner's day. Also it has no internal pockets on the jacket the internal pockets are in the liner which I find annoying when trying to listening to music. But feels sturdy and keeps me dry in the wet. Just my 2c
  9. Between the two you are opting, I d go for cordura.
  10. Go with the cordura option.
    If money is tight look for a near new example of a reputable brand on Gumtree. Lots of folk buy these and then decide riding is not for them.
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  11. Id recommend cordura gear as well, I have 2 sets of it that I bought of a friend who wasnt riding anymore
  12. Forget the hoodie and go the cordura in my opinion.

    Also, don't listen to the automatic 'eBay is shit' talk that goes on here and there. Sure, you may get a crappy jacket, but you may get something pretty good for the money.

    I recently bought a cheap pair of cordura pants to wear over my work clothes on the commute from eBay for like $80 and they've been great. Feel very sturdy and I'd be just as, maybe more confident in a crash with these than my motorcycle jeans from a reputable brand.

    That said, I recently snared a leather Aldi jacket and just love it. I was riding in a Dririder textile jacket previously which was great in the cold, but is very bulky with all liners in. The leather keeps the wind out a lot better, is thinner, lighter and generally heaps more comfortable.

    Hence I'll be aiming for a shit hot million dollar leather jacket when funds permit.
  13. If you can't afford or don't like leather then cordura is next best. Kevlar is a distant 3rd only slightly in front of thick, good quality denim.
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  14. Barters81Barters81 I hear you there on the liners and bulk comment. My cordura gear, boots & gloves is all RST, Its done the job, Id recommend it to anyone.
  15. Same here. All rst. Good quality, comfort and fit. Have a pair of cordura pants as a back up. They survived the accidental asphalt drag too. :) Kevlar is always tempting especially in warmer weather, but always think of ATGATT.
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  16. Hey mate, is it a good jacket? I bought one today and it seems fairly sturdy, I got the small and it fits perfectly even though it's labelled as a large, how is it holding up? You had it for a while?
  17. I've had it for 6 months use it nearly every day. Holding up well. Only small thing is the stitching on 1 sleeve about 10cm has come undone. I'll get my wife to fix that and it will be sweet. It will interesting to see how hot I'll be in summer with the air flow pockets open. I haven't needed the inner liner in it and I ride in all weather and I don't feel the cold in it. Like I said before the disappointment is no inner pocket on the jacket only on the removable inner liner
  18. Yeah nice, seems a fairly good quality jacket, there's heaps of air pockets hey! I'll have to unzip them tomorrow and go for a whirl while the suns out, it's getting pretty hot and humid up here in qld
  19. What size does the jacket have inside? I measured up and ordered a small, it's a perfect fit! I'm only a small guy but on the inside of the jacket it says L for large.. It's defenatwly not a large though