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Kevlar Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hobbsie, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. I need a new pair of kevlar jeans, I know this topic has been done a thousand times but it seems like there are a lot of new options coming available in 2012.

    Does anyone have any input of good new brands or products (besides rhok/motolegion)?

    My criteria are:
    -Good quality, with kevlar in knees and butt
    -Reasonably stylish fit without heaps of stitching or skulls or whatnot
    -Under $200, preferably under $150
  2. Hey mate, I know you've referenced MotoLegion jeans and I'll +1 that....

    All of us @ Team Cunningstunts have used a variety of jeans, draggins, hornee all the usual brands etc - we all suffered failures from these jeans particualy around the arse wearing out, and material/kevlar around the belt area failing so when Takamii approached our team of misfits about any requirements we had, we offered our feedback and Takamii delivered. . . .
  3. I've got Taks jeans, I'm happy with them. Try looking up RHOK.
  4. Do you slide/drag test them often?
  5. Don't buy anything with a "sports liner" in them, f***ing woeful, slide up and down on the bike and they get sticky when it warms up.

  6. Soo much wrong going on here!!! :)
  7. Your damn right, just for the record I'm not talking sticky in the good way.