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Kevlar Jeans - Why So Ugly

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Fenji, May 23, 2012.

  1. A simple question really. Why do all the manufacturers of kevlar jeans make them so damn ugly. I mean, surely it cannot be that hard to make fashionable kevlar jeans.

    I am a new rider and i have been looking everywhere for kevlar jeans that look fashionable, rather than look like i have just gone shopping at the reject shop.

    And i know what people are going to say... "they are meant to keep you safe, not look good"

    but seriously, why cant they do both?

    Anyways, does anyone know of any brands that achieve this. Ive looked at draggin, and as much as i know they are probably the best quality, man they are ugly.
  2. Tried Draggins next gen? They look alright...
  3. Because the sheer mind-spinning hotness of being on a bike overrides the need to wear good looking clothes.

    Oh, and try Draggin's. Unless you're a woman. In that case my oppinion is to look at other brands.
  4. My g/f bought some Bullit brand ones. She's lost some weight so replaced them with a smaller size of the same brand. = confidence in the product. And they look pretty good, but then again she has a nice arse. ;)
  5. Takamii makes a decent and safe pair of jeans, and they look good too, if you're a bloke!
    If youre a girl then go fashion shopping
  6. I'm not too fussed about the cut etc - I think what makes them look really poxy is the extra stiching that is above and below the knee to hold the kevlar. I understand why this is done but surely even using some thread in the same colour as the fabric could not be too hard.

    Anyway I know tend to just use the Draggin chino style pants - OK to wear to work and the stiching is the same colour of the pants. They're not going to be seen gracing any catwalk soon but at least they dont look like a pair of jeans made out of scrap fabric.
  7. Because fashionable jeans these days have tears all through them. Not safe for riding.

    Actually I have a pair of ksubis and a pair of motolegion and they are very similar. The only differences are the things necessary to make them kevlar jeans like the extra stitching and zips for knee pads.
  8. Have you considered the possibility that it's not the jeans :twisted:.
  9. Shift Torque jeans.

    But they seem to be getting harder to find?
  10. draggins make you look like you are wearing adult diapers
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  11. Didn't realize that looks compromised safety.. why not wear your fashionable jeans and then when you come off and slide down the road and endure your gravel rash you could say well at least i looked good!

    Honestly who gives a **** what they look like?
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  12. Draggins make some jeans with none of that stitching you describe. I own a pair that I wear everyday to work. Quick look at their website and it looks like they might be called next gen.
  13. Fashionista......
  14. Looking badarse is vitally important when riding a motorcycle.

    Also vitally important when riding a motorcycle is rule 01, don't slide down the road in the first place.

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  15. buy some leather pants
  16. I have two pair of jeans and neither are particularly good looking hence why you'll find me in cargos 80% of the time.
  17. I love and adore my Draggins so whatev, but I heard someone say that once they've lived their life, to cut the kevlar out and stitch them into normal jeans. Perhaps that?
  18. i've been thinking lately about buying or making a pair of kevlar leggings. That way you can wear whatever jeans you want and still be safe.
  19. +1 for Takamii's jeans, I wear them at work all day after commuting, comfortable and look pretty much like regular jeans.