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Kevlar Jeans vs leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by heregoes, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. I am looking at buying my first set of biking apparel but i am not sure weather to get the leather pants or the Kevlar jeans? :?: I just cant see myself pulling on the leathers for a quick ride out to meet friends where as the jeans might be a little more occasion friendly. :cool:

    So what do we think, Kevlar vs leather?
  2. I vote for kevlar, decent abrasion, more comfortable, washable, cheaper, can wear them without looking like a freak!
  3. Ye that is what i am thinking to, putting on the leathers reminds me to much of a bad bondage session
  4. Leather offers better protection but of course no gear will protect you if you don't wear it - so best option's probably to go the Kevlar jeans (especially in a hot climate).
  5. kevlar for everyday use
    leathers for serious outing with twisties and fast straights..
    get both lol
  6. I agree with the above.
    Mind you i don't ride serious twisties.
    I had leathers, couldn't get the hang of them. Just to erhhh
    So went the Draggin jeans, comfy easy to wash and wear.
    And they look like normal jeans from 5mtr away.
  7. Draggins are 3/5th's useless in any serious road luge event. I have draggins and whilst they did save my skin from getting torn off in my little lowside incident, the kevlar inside the knee actually tore the skin off the front of my knee. Admittedly they did their job, just i think the kevlar needs some sort of a cotton lining or something over it prevent exactly what happened to me.

    2 piece leathers are a very near future purchase. For ~$550 for a zip together 2 piece brand new, why wouldnt you!? Yes, the custom fit and custom colours costs you more... but for the protection, it beats draggins and an all weather jacket any day!
  8. Yeah, I had abrasions on my knees from the kevlar, and the jeans were undamaged on the outside...

    But, it beats the hell out of no protection for sure :)
  9. Ive got both a pair of draggins and a 2 piece leather suit.

    The draggins are great if your on a short trip out and want to do something social without having to get changed. Note you can get custom sizes for draggins just like leathers (for example, if you are taller than the average bear). I wear my leather jacket with them - works ok as the draggins have a high enough waist to protect your hips and lower back/chest if you slide. Not as hot as leathers on a hot day, but not too cool either!

    For a bit more of a serious ride, or if you can carry a change of clothes, the leathers are the go. Beyond the draggins, the leather pants have armor so not only will you reduce the gravel rash risk but the destruction of sensitive joints as well. Looks the business too.

    If your leathers make you look like a gimp, perhaps you are shopping in the wrong kind of shop? :p


  10. Problem is , there's no standards in Australia for protective gear except helmets, and a majority of the letahers that get sold in australia won't last any or longer than kevlar jeans.

    If you buy leathers , check they are to the EU standard,(CE EN 13595,) Don't go by price and or big brand names, you might not be getting the protection you think you are .

    Tests in the EU showed 4 of the 18 manufacturers in europe passed the tests, and they where not all big expensive brand names that passed either..

  11. I commute using cordura pants but a bit worried now as some says it melts on contact to the road ??
  12. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    What a load of twaddle!
  13. So Naughty but nice was the wrong place to be looking then? :shock:

    But ye some good points, i have about 2k to spend all up so if i can find a decent not to expensive leather set i will get them both. Got and suggestions for brands etc?
  14. i use ixon Galactica 1 piece leathers for my twistie rides, retail bout $1200.00 inc. Supa comfy - also come in 2 piece
    www.ficeda.com.au - check em out .

  15. Have a look at the netrider sponsors
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  16. Uhh OK, I'll wear my Draggins inside out from now on. Thanks :?
  17. I just bought an AlpineStars Stunt Jacket from Peter Stevens. They were on sale from $899 to $649.

    They had A* leather pants there with knee sliders for $649 too.

    $1300 will get you a nice 2 piece set. Add $60 for a pair of light weight gloves, $150 for a good pair of waterproof kevlar gloves, $400 for a pair of A* boots that brings you to ~$1900, go to toyworld for a stackhat $60 and you're decked out :p

    $400 should get you a good helmet so all up a little over $2300 should see you decked out nicely.
  18. Some more twaddle

    A recent study subjected leather suits from 18 of the main European manufacturers to
    tests based on the EU standard (MCN, 21 May 2003). Only 4 passed with full marks,
    and while some of the most expensive made to measure suits failed to meet the EU
    standard, other cheaper suits, a quarter of the price did measure up. Two thirds failed
    the burst test due to either thread failure and/ or leather failure and impact protectors
    failed in 8 cases. A textile suit tested at the same time also failed on all tests. Only 3
    of these manufacturers of leather suits (Carrera, BKS and Hideout) were at that stage
    submitting their products for CE certification (MCN 21 May, 2003). Earlier tests of
    motorcycle boots found that none passed the impact resistance test and only half
    passed the crush resistance test (MCN, 1997). Despite these results, the tests do
    suggest that most manufacturers have little to fear from putting their products through
    the CE certification process and could achieve compliance with relatively few
    modifications to their products.
    A briefing paper issued by the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) lists only 17
    companies who have obtained certification. They include manufacturers of
    motorcycle boots, impact protectors and gloves as well as leather and textile clothing
  19. Ok, folks, the kevlar padding inside Draggins and like jeans is abrasive. Extremely. As you slide down the road and they protect you from your skin being ripped, the kevlar padding can be burning your skin nearly as badly.

    So, don't wear Draggins?

    heck no!

    Go to your local sports shop and buy a pair of lycra 3/4 length pants and wear them underneath the Draggins. No more prickly from the kevlar in hot weather, and no more burns if you have an off....

    Oh, and yeah, if you can afford it, buy leathers and Draggins, people get out of your way when you walk into places in leathers, very threatening and purposeful......

    {Actually that DOESN'T happen for me, but I'm told it does for people half my age and weight :LOL: :p }

  20. Thought about shopping overseas???

    I just bought the same jacket as Vic (except mine is the brand new, just released AStars 2006 Stunt 2 Leather Jacket instead of the 'last season' 2005 model for approx. AU$450!!! Thats still $200 cheaper and this years model - delivered in 7 days!

    Seriously buy online! You can get twice the gear for less than what you are expecting to pay here :grin: