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Kevlar jeans or kevlar leggings?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Grumply, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Ran a search on this but couldn't quite find the answer I was looking for. I just got my Ls last Thursday, and I'm in the process of acquiring my first bike/gear now.

    So far all I've really looked at in terms of pants have been the various brands of kevlar jeans that sales assistants have shown me. And they look like a great idea (probably combined with knee-pads), but now I've just seen the Draggin K-Leg kevlar leggings on the internet, and they sound like a great idea - you'd have kevlar over the entire length of your legs rather than just your buttocks and knees, and you could wear your regular jeans over the top (which offers a lot of convenience for riding to work).

    I'm just wondering if I could get some opinions from people on the two options? Do the kevlar leggings get too hot under a second pair of pants? Are there other issues to think about?

    Any help would be much appreciated,



  2. get leather, it does a much better job :wink:
    get a bag, or have a locker at work, and get changed.
    then you're safe, and you look god for work.

    nothing is better than cow mate :wink:
  3. Perforated leather for summer...I dont think kevlar breathes too well.....

    I personally dont want kevlar right against my legs. When sliding, things slide. Sliding is friction. Friction makes heat.
    Now I dont know if kevlar gets extremely hot or stays that way, or conducts heat...but hmmmmm.

    Problem with draggins is the NON kevlar zones. I simply dont see how they can avoid being ripped apart when it's panels of fabric lined with kevlar.
  4. but even with the kevlar jeans the kevlar will still be against your skin. you cant really get away from the problem of friction

    im going to look into the kevlar leggings, because i find all the jeans to be uncomfortable in the you-know-where. even a short trip leaves me with crushed nads.

    and take it from someone who commutes in leather, make sure leather isnt the only pants you have, they arent always practical

    does anyone know of good places to buy the leggings online?
  5. Putting on leggings, then pants, is more practical?
  6. Kevlar is a good heat insulator and it doesn't melt into your skin - that's the point - the original Draggin's commercial showed a guy being towed on his bum behind a car down the straight at Calder - the denim on the bum was worn through but there was no problem.


    Kevlar next to the skin is not a problem - although it can be a bit prickly when new. At around town speeds - there's not really any difference in protection between unpadded leather and kevlar. I know all the cow lovers will contest this but it's not until you get to higway speeds that it makes a big difference.
  7. This is my biggest concern with the jeans, the kelvar-lined sections are fine, but that's a pretty small proportion of the jeans themselves.
  8. It is however the area that makes contact with the roadway when you come off.
  9. I have a pair of draggins and they are great for quick rides when I am going to be going to shops etc.

    I have just bought a pair of dririder nordics for getting to work or when I am going to be riding for the sake of riding.

    I think the idea of draggins is good but the lack of armour and being loose with kevlar free patches is a concern.
  10. Kevlar leggings

    Hi all,

    I have leather pants, textile pants, kevlar jeans, but i wear the draggin kevlar leggings to commute to work as I can get away with them under my clothes. My top speed for the whole commute os about 60kms hour.

    I say go the leggings to start with but make sure you add to your gear when you can afford to with a decent pair of leathers. You really can't beat thm for protection!!
  11. I purchased the leggings, theyre great. I still only wear them when leather isnt practical though
  12. I'm thinking of going leggings and strap-on armour now actually. Given the leggings and armour can easily roll up into a backpack or a pannier bag. Buy a set of proper pants for the hills work on long trips, but daily its probably easier.

    If its not raining, at least. Then you have to wear rainpants, and at that point its probably easier to put on one layer of protective proper pants.
  13. I ended up buying the Draggin jeans due to the summer heat, and they've served me well so far (not crash tested yet though... thankfully), they just look like jeans so they're fine to wear to work or out and about.

    I've got knee pads to wear with them for when I head out on proper rides, but I intend to get some leathers when I have the spare cash on hand.