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kevlar jeans in melbourne

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dar_sbb, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    im struggling to find a place to get draggins/shift/hornee or icons jeans...

    does anyone have any recommendations of where they go?

  2. no wait... hold on

    fark can't remember the name of the store I got my hornees from!

    yay, found it:



    You owe me a slab
  3. Hornee
    As for the other brands I'm sure a :google: search can provide you with answers.
    After recent experience I can't recommend Draggins highly enough, they're good looking, comfortable and most of all they work exactly as they're supposed to - they sure as hell did their part in saving me.
  4. I get mine from Peter Stevens.
  5. Got mine from AMX, but have gotta say I see them in plenty of place on my travels.
  6. thanks guys

    i already have a pair of draggins... just looking for a bit more of a stylish pair... so gonna go the hornee or shifts.

    gonna use the hornee and draggins stores as an indicator!! thanks for the help
  7. The draggin jeans are good but expensive, AMX has the $99 ones that have more Kevlar and are definitely better quality- can't go past them. Very comfortable, and very durable- and proven too!
  8. Seen the Xtreme product range as well at AMX. Was referred to by a top notch rider. I am suprised as to why such brands aren't so well advertised- they are soooo popular overseas!!?
  9. Starider have some fully lined kevlar jeans as well, much better protection that kevlar patches.
  10. I bought my Draggin jeans from Frankston Yamaha and they had a good selection of sizes and styles.

    And as far as I know, Draggin are the only Kevlar jeans to pass the abrasion tests applied to leathers.

    Here is a quote from their website:
    "Acknowledging the importance of independent assessment, Draggin Jeans also subjects itself to the stringent European CE Tests.
    Draggin Jeans products PASS the important Abrasion, Burst and Tear tests traditionally applied to road and race leathers.
    No other casual motorcycle brand comes close to meeting these strict standards. "

    Personally I would rather keep my skin intact rather than have extra dollars in my pocket!
  11. I'm sorry to say but you haven't read Puff's account (recent thread on netrider) on Draggin. In fact he writes about how they ripped have absolutely no abrasion protection and the guy ended up in hospital with broken wrists and damaged knees- his draggin jeans ripped COMPLETELY. All I can say its the quality of Kevlar used and I know for a fact that original manufaturers such as Dupont make Kevlar that is abrasion resistant. The European CE approved armor that is used in XTREME Kevlar jeans makes them an ABSOLUTE MUST! I wouldn't buy anything else even if it was cheaper. Available from AMX, MARS and BIKES PLUS etc.
  12. Thanks for the info sam99. I am new to biking in Oz and like others couldn't afford leathers and wanted protection that was better than normal denims so when I saw the ads for Draggin, I checked out their site and reckoned they must be good due to their testing.

    Their site mentions "Each Draggin Jeans product is lined with a revolutionary combination of Kevlar® and Dyneema®, the World's Strongest Fibre™. " so when you read that and see Chris Vermeulen's name linked to them then you reckon they must be good.

    I will certainly now look into Xtreme jeans, thanks.
  13. your kidding right..... cant find draggins??? every bike shop in Melbourne sells Draggins!
  14. Starider have similar stuff . I know they have Cargos with full length kevlar.
    googleit they are in Ormond Vic
  15. I read Puff's thread. Every single riding jean out on the market would have ripped with the way Puff described it. A neat tear from his knee all the way up his leg only says one thing - it snagged on something sharp enough to cut it cleanly.

    Don't Draggin use kevlar made by Dupont?

    Those Xtreme ones you mentioned are at a very good price and anyone with riding jeans should seriously consider them if they're as good as you say.

    I've had Draggin and Hornee before and Draggin appear to be a clear level above of Hornee in terms of construction. Regardless, with the experience I had in an off, I won't ride in anything other than good leather pants and matching zip attached leather jacket in future.
  16. My wife has the Shift jeans, i dont like them.
    Theyre very thin and dont feel all that safe. Im sure theyre better than normal jeans, but theyre not as sturdy as my Draggins.

    You can get Shift jeans from Staffords in Heidelberg.

    They do look good, but i just dont trust em. My wife however absolutely loves them.
  17. Get them from AMX they have Draggins on sale for $199
  18. They actually have them for $215... but now with $20 off.. so ends up $195.00

    A friend of mine was in Phillip Island the other day and came across an Australian brand called "Bikers Gear". http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-UNISEX-CAMO-CARGO-KEVLAR-PANTS-40-MORE-KEVLAR-40-W_W0QQitemZ400095209897QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Clothing_Merchandise_Media?hash=item5d278869a9

    They go on to say, they have 40% extra Kevlar lining than other brands on the market, the extra Kevlar is in the hip area and down along shin area, they are Kevlar towel lined in complete back side area, hip area, and knee and shin area.

    Anyone know this brand? Any truth to their claim?
  19. Well the pair I bought was marked them from $219.95 to $199.95. I got it at AMX Keilor.