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Kevlar Jeans for Chicks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Misty, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. I realise the topic of kevlar jeans has been just about done to death, but I'm after some recommendations on some good ones for women.

    I have rubenesque hips, and my waist went for a wander and never returned after the birth of my second child, so I don't think the bloke's jeans would suit.
    (I'm a size 14 basically)

    I would need to try them on, so mail order isn't really an option. I can get into the city OK, I'd just rather have an idea of what I was looking for so I don't waste time wandering up & down Elizabeth St.

    Any tips appreciated :)
  2. There are now a LOT more options for us girls, but for comfort & fit try the ladies cut draggins..... i love mine and they are not low waisted... so for those of us with a more mature figure.. :).. they fit a little better than some of the others.... RRP is $199 i think... u shoulda gone to bike marts sale tonight!!!!!

  3. They had heaps of Ladies Draggins at BikeMart tonight and you could have picked them up for $169 with the special discount. The regular jeans aren't hipsters but the new cammo cargo's seem to have a lower waist band than the others.
    You can still go along to Bikemart on maroondah Hwy in Ringwood, take your Netrider membership card and get a 10% discount.
  4. I seem to recall seeing a post somewhere that Draggin Jeans are now customising thier jeans for people of unique shape, so if the off the shelf stuff doesn't suffice then jump on their website and find out more about the custom sizing.
  5. Custom sizing sounds good Matt, I tried a pair of black cargos on tonight and it felt like an LSD induced 80's flashback, waist fit perfectly but they looked like I was wearing a codpiece underneath and the arse was pretty tight. The first part I'll give a wide berth to, but pants are usually less than filled out in the back for me. Very strange cut.

  6. as long as they dont come with the " honey , do these make my arse look big ?" questions

    :wink: :LOL:
    wear what ever you want .
    just try on a size in elizabeth street then you know the size and brand and you can purchase them over the net knowing they will fit .
  7. Hey, I got some fair curves to get around, and I got some stretch denim Draggins from Peter Stevens, and the fit is amazing. Only come in black tho as far as I know.

    They're the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn. :)
  8. I had to reluctantly opt for the Draggin Cargos - as the striaght fit didn't fit :roll: but I refuse to go the camoflague thing :p
  9. Hi Misty!

    Draggin Jeans have their warehouse in South Melbourne. I have spoken to them about having custom made pants and they told me if I went to see them, they would measure and make pants for an extra $15 or so.

    I have a less than normal body shape, but just haven't made it a priority to get some made.

    :D :D :D
  10. hehehehehehhehehe this reminded me of my friend! We'll call him Fred for the sake of the story...
    So Fred rides a zx250, he used to run with a group of R6+R1 (mostly r1) riders, he was on his L's, but when he went for his P's, and got them, the group pitched in for a pressie for him! They got his some leather pants with the words.....
    "BITE ME"
    Writtten on the arse.
    Fred wont wear them cos he thinks they make his arse look big :LOL: I asked if I could have them but he wouldnt let me, said they had "sentimental" value or some shit :LOL:

    anyone on here make patches??? I want some for my draggins!
  11. Thanks for that Mizz ZZR, I didn't realise they came in stretch denim, I will now go and try a pair on. :)
  12. Why not just get someone to lead the charge and leave some decent teeth marks....upon seeing them the rest of us will get the idea. Probably better that way considering the literacy level here.
  13. bite marks dont stay on draggins so well as leather. Patch far more effective.
    A patch of a bite mark?
  14. Repeated application of the teeth marks should sort that out......it should hit a critical mass where you no longer need to think about re-applying them. :LOL:
  15. You guys crack me up. Eswen if your handy with a sewing needling and thread then you could just embroid it on. White should stand out nicely against the black.
  16. dude... i havent sewn up the holes in my jeans remember? :LOL:
    I hate sewing :( maybe I should have dated that guy from the navy, miitary guys HAVE to learn to sew... or maybe a doctor/nurse. who does the sewing in a surgery?
  17. HAHA that is a good point. I'll have a look around for a patch. Maybe my grandma can make one. Should is quite handy with a needle and thread. Now i just need to work out how to explain the bite me part, lol.
  18. if you get one done, id love one too!