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Kevlar jeans for a tall guy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by murchy, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering about buying some kevlar lined jeans for commuting to uni with, I won't be travelling at massively high speeds but don't want to wear just regular jeans, as I'm a big advocate of all the gear all the time.

    I'm pretty tall too, 6'2. Usually I wear a size 36.

    Any thoughts?


    Edit: I wear a set of textile pants with full armor for commuting to work as there's somewhere to change out of them, but I won't have time for that at uni, so I'm looking for a middle ground.

  2. HERE

    I've the Shift Lodown and wear it to work on Fridays and sometimes casually as well. Cant tell the difference.

    Peter Stevens Ringwood might have a few left, if you want to try them out. Even the Torque ones are good.
  3. Raj, are they Lowdowns those $79 jobs? How much lining have they got?

  4. Draggin will custom make any set for you for (when i did it) $70 more then the listed RRP. Talk to anyone who sells them and they can talk to their supplier, who in turn should be able to get it organised for you.
  5. I am 6'2 and mine have a 33 inch inseam which is long enough so that the jeans do not ride up past your ankle etc = and that inseam length is the standard size
  6. Draggins also have special ones made with longer inseam and kevlar coverage extended both higher and lower than it normally is, so that the jeans can be tailored short for really short people or left long for tall bastards such as ourselves.

    .... except I can't for the life of me find where they went on the Draggin website. :| They did exist at some point. :S Might be worth writing to them or phoning them up to ask where they went.
  7. Thanks for all the input guys, think I'll duck into Peter Stevens tonight.
  8. Another question I just thought of, I'm pretty sure I want armour pockets in them - how do people find the fit on them? (Don't want to worry about the armour shifting around as I ride.
  9. The way Draggin Jeans do it with their ones is, the Knox kneepads supplied have the "hook" side of hook-and-loop velcro at the top and bottom. Put jeans on, slide kneepad down the front of your pants (oh my!), get it in the right position and then press the jeans firmly against the kneepad so that the "hook"s stick to the kevlar fabric - et voila, kneepad now in place inside the jeans, more or less velcro'd in position.

    Alternately, could wear some sort of separate knee armour like the dirtbike riders have, etc.
  10. Ned's iconic have a 35.5 inch inside seam. They would be worth a try
  11. For Draggins they are in the 'extras' section, last time I ordered from their site they arrived with a free pair of knox knee pads. They have a 38" inseam and extra length of kevlar along the knee.
  12. I bought the Motolegion kevlar jeans from Takamii and I am around your height. They're actually a little bit too long for me but doesn't matter once you have footwear on, so they're a good choice.
  13. Yup. Picked up the Dark Indigo one @ $79 sometime back. I was looking for a casual wear bur when I saw these ones - I bought them. They are what REAL denim used to be years ago (like proper thick heavy denim) and not the flimsy cotton ones now. And for $79 act as Kevlar Jeans AND Casual jeans saving me money!!

    They have kevlar lining in the knee area and the bum area (upto half the lenght of the knees). They are no Draggins but For $79 - better than Levis etc PLUS they have Kevlar.

    They are listed as -

    •Durable 14oz. Denim Fabric.
    •Kevlar reinforced panels in key areas for safety and abrasion resistance.
    •5-Pocket design.
    •Relaxed, ergonomic fit

    I wear Draggin's for longer rides, weekend rides but to/from work these are perfect. Even when not riding - they are comfortable to wear.

  14. Thanks Raj, I had seen one or two guys on here using the 'online' ordering of Peter Stevens for these jeans. Might pop in a buy some, need to eplace the draggins anywah after the spill last Nov. Might see you tomorrow morn at the learner meet up.

  15. Because you are a discerning man of style class and sophistication :)
  16. That's right, no less than Motolegion is good enough for riding MY motorcycle :p
    Damn now I'll have to buy another pair of Motolegions for pillions
  17. You'll be fine with cheapies from Peter stevens. I was in exactly the same boat as you, pretty much all my gear can be worn around comfortably all day. You're height won't be an issue, I'm 6"3
  18. Takamii ones mate, i think he could make one for any lengths and from all reports its a top product too.....................service and product was tops for my gloves.