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Kevlar Hoody with CE Armour - anyone had one ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MelbourneMick, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Came across these during my random Internet searching.
    They claim to be a Kevlar lined hoody with CE Armour.
    Has anyone had any experience with these ?

  2. Yup bought one. It's freezing riding in the wind. Get a size bigger than you're use too as the elastic is super tight (had to cut the elastic out. One of the elbow pads likes to go walkies.

    Apart from that, for the price I'm pretty happy. Wear it to uni sometimes, and the included armour isn't too bad.
  3. Looks like a great idea.

    Incidentally I find that when I wear a hoodie under my normal jacket (with the hood hanging out over the top) I get a lot less wind noise on my helmet - maybe it disrupts the turbulence behind the helmet? Just a guess. Hopefully the same effect would be achieved with one of these.
  4. Sounds like a good idea but I can't see how the CE protections would stay in place in case of a crash.
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  5. I wear dirtbike armour underneath a kevlar hoodie. Takes a little while to get on, but it's comfy and great during winter.
    Never come off in it, but I'm sure I'd be well protected.
  6. Why is it cold ? Is there unsealed seams? Or just the material in general isn't very wind resistant ?
    Also are the hoods really big or they just look that way in the picture ?
  7. That was one of my initial concerns also
  8. What price you looking at for decent armour and also a Kevlar hoodie ?
  9. Why not the dririder urban hoodie?
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  10. Have you used one ? Pros/cons?
    It is $100 up on the one in my original post but obviously a better bit of kit
  11. if you want quality why not wait for the annual aldi sale. should be soon.
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  13. MT1 has a comprehensive review here.


    Was going to buy one, tried it on many times in the shops, but its in the 'want' category for me instead of the 'need'.

    It was under $200 when I was considering it with 30% off dririder, I'm sure with a bit of persistence you can get it down to near that price again.
  14. Hahaha love your work.
    I managed to offend about 837 Aldi NetRider Fan Boys last year when the sale was on.
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  16. All good big-bopper :D
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  17. The review doesn't really make a case for the positive.
    A good honest review though
  18. Yeah the material sucks at wind resistance, seems like it'd be good in summer though.
    Yeah the hood is actually pretty big, but fits over my big head when I'm off the bike so I'm happy with it.