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Kerry from the Y.P

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fzs600, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I have been riding since 1998 when I had a CB250. Now in my stable I own a 1976 CB400/4 SuperSport, red of course! And a Yamaha FZS600 1998 again in red, they go faster! I prefer to be on the bike rather than in the car as I feel much safer on a bike. And its just me, bike and the elements. I put in a lot of klms on my 600 and am waiting for the tyres on my CB400 to wear out so I can put something decent on it. It came with Pirelli's and I hate them - no grip! Give me Bridgestone any day! I am also the newsletter editor, club librarian and website manager of the local Veteran Vintage MC club here in Kadina.

  2. Hi Kerry,
    Welcome to Netrider.
    I agree with you about being in the elements. If I am tootling around suburbia, sometimes I have the visor lifted, just to feel the air on my face.

    Thanks for the posting the picture of your stable, though the one on the left looks like it needs a good feed.
  3. Welcome to NR. :)

    Love your bikes.
  4. Welcome, I'm one of the few people here who know where YP is. Port Hughes is a favorite of mine.
  5. i guessed yp as well ,
    Kadina eh , i know some roo shooters up there.
  6. Hey Kezza (and anyone else from Adelaide way) you might like to meet some of us Victorian Netriders when we head over to check out the awesome bike roads there in early december. Would be great to catch up and spend some time in those hills.
  7. Sure @Ned let us know when your coming over.
  8. Will do. Just putting the final stages of the route together and will be in touch.