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Kerb Side Parking - Your Style

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ilegant, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. however the frig it lands when the brakes are applied

  2. parallel, just like I was driving my car

  3. nose in, I like pushing it back up the camber because no one else will steal it

  4. rear tyre on the kerb, nose uphill, in gear

  1. So, with the hot weather, I have noticed a few more riders out, some new, some otherwise. I see these guys park their bike and I cringe, expecting it to roll away or get knocked by a car reversing to parallel park and dot see it in the rear view.
    I roll back in, so rear wheel is against the kerb, at a bit of an angle - uphill if possible and in 1st.

    Or, does it just not matter?

  2. I just lay mine down gently, saves someone else knocking the bloody thing over. Oh and it's in 1st!
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  3. I tend to Valet park
  4. I generally park with the rear to the kerb, and in gear.
  5. I like to park next to the Hardlys in willy-town and inspect my chicken strips then, when I've finished my double decaf soy latte, wheelie off into the sunset.
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  6. I normally back the rear wheel up to the kerb but will stop doing that now. Had some rain water bring down a whole load of grass clippings from the council mowing and is now stuck in on and through my rear wheel. Will leave more space in future.
  7. If you have to park your bike you're doing it wrong. You should be able to do pretty much anything whilst mounted.
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  8. hahahaha.

    I don't think the local milk bar would be to happy with me riding my bike through the front door to buy some milk.....
  9. Rear wheel to kerb, in neutral. It's facing uphill 'cos of the camber in 99.9% of cases so where's it going to roll?
  10. I park it wherever I can get my feet down, being a short arse I really have to pick the right spots, otherwise innocent bystanders get roped in to help me move it!
  11. Arse to kerb, 45 degrees.

    Across the park makes the bike easier to see.
    90 degrees would leave most of my front hanging out on the road, so 45 degrees is great
    Arse first because pulling it backwards into traffic is slow and asking to get clipped. Plus if it is uphill (normally) it's bloody hard to pull 300 kilos backwards. (you can get away with it on a 250 cruiser, but don't get used to it).
    In gear, and pushed a little forward against the gear, so it cannot roll forward and tip. This is something i ALWAYS do, where ever I park.
  12. Rear to the gutter, in gear. Or on the footpath cause we can :) Stops the cars from getting to the bike (most of the time)

  13. I don't think it matters how you park, as long as you nod furiously whilst doing so...
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  14. Rear to the kerb at an angle; neutral; back wheel touching the kerb unless I'm going on the centrestand (have seen a bike rock backwards onto the centrestand, hit the kerb and rebound, collapsing the stand and dumping itself on the ground).
  15. I hold the front brake and spin the back wheel until it buries itself in the bitumen. That way you don't need a stand.

    (what a silly poll... seriously)
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  16. Actually not that silly. I've seen a few noobs park nose in to the gutter than struggle pushing the bike backwards in to the traffic......
  17. Silly noobs... Should park properly. :cheeky:
  18. Well, if they read this thread they'll know how.....

    You've got to admit it makes a change from "Which glove first", or 'who nods' threads and polls...
  19. slow news day, what can I tell you?
  20. Comes close... Maybe I should start a poll on that one? Haha!