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KeRash! and bogans.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, May 29, 2008.

  1. Tonight i was riding with a old friend of mine (he is old late 50's i think) and he came off, Hes alright but the bikes seen better days (Honda CX500), hes only had it registered for about a week and been on 1 long ride with me into the city, a few short trips to Bunnings and tonights ride up sassafras then to Ferntree Gully.(Melbourne)

    We had turned off the main road (Burwood Highway) on to Glenfern/Lysterfield Rd, he seemed to be riding with more confidence then skill all ride so far, he was splitting up the side of cars to get to the front of round abouts then going around with cars besides him, (being ignorant and pig headed really) and he was oblivious to the amount of people he was pissing off, anyway, at a set of lights he attempts to split between 2 vans, one going straight one turning left, they move off at a green and he almost gets sandwiched so he lets them go in front and slots in behind.

    Less then 2 minutes after that little incident he pulls out and overtakes the van about 1 k away from a slight left hand bend in the road, hes barley 20 meters in front of the van when he hits the bend, literally, I couldn't see what the cause was but I did see the headlight spinning around in circles with a party of sparks chasing close behind it, oh lots of plastic bits all hit the eject button cuz they were EVERYWHERE!

    The van locked up the wheels way too close for comfort, no way was he paying attention because i was already pulling off and to go help pick up the bike as he was stopping.

    Bike picked up, so now were getting off the road and all the people he pissed off are driving past yelling at us, nobody is concerned enough to stop and see if we need help...

    We take stock,
    Right hand indicator is broken but the bulb is still working.
    Right hand engine pipe is deeply gouged, I'm surprised it didn't get a hole in it.
    Bar ends both have scrapes and are coming off.
    Petrol tank is missing about 5L on the road.
    RIght hand Rocker Cover is dented.
    Right hand muffler has scratches on it.
    His protective water proof plastic pants that are covering his trackies have a hole in them.

    So yeah shit ride, then on the way to go get some food (its more important then going home at this stage) some bogan Fuc*wit in a blue commodore tries to undercut me around a corner, then has a go at me, I yell to him "GIVE ME SOME F*CKING SPACE!" then he swerves his blue VR/VS commodore in to my lane so much I'm almost in the gutter as he yells and swares at me with dribble runing down his chin. (Can you say BOGAN?)

    Then he speeds up roars past my mate, pulls across him and slows back down to let me catch up just so he can throw a empty at me..
    Good thing i got his rego and am a member of the EPA, (littering shits me)
    (im not going to dob him in though, i should but sometimes you can just tell who would make it as hard as possible for you and opt to take it to court)
    Are all people in Ferntree Gully like this? I hope not.

    Yeah anyway now I don't feel so hungry anymore.

    Just thought I'd share my evening with you all so you can be entertained a little..
  2. shame, lysterfield road is a fun road if you know it, but too easy to stuff up on some of those sharp bends.
    Sounds like he just was getting too cocky and it caught up with him. shame really.
    You didn't end up leaving oil and shit over the road did you?
  3. Not at all, but unfortunately you'll always be able to find bogans no matter where you go.
  4. Old indeed!
    OK Hornet - do you want to kill him... :LOL:
    Or shall I just find a herd of trained bogans to send his way... :p

    Oil and shit pretty much describes the average CX500 these days...
    They don't call them "Plastic Maggots" for nothing. :LOL:
  5. So if you don't want to take it to court.. (can you say wimp?) then dob him in to the EPA for littering. He threw a can at you after all.
  6. :shock: :shock:
    I guess you think he belongs in a nursing home riding a wheelchair? :p
  7. Maybe ease him into it with a transition scooter....

  8. Damn .. I gotta get one of those, when the time comes :p
  9. don't worry, it'll be about the same time you start getting your junk mail from APIA... only 7 more years...

    Edit: Was trying to find one with "hot wheels" flames down the side... Group buy?

  10. I think hes done well to make it to 50+ the way he drives!

    He has a habit of not indicating, speeding, driving in 2 lanes at once and sudden turns.

    There are 2 small patches of oil on the road where he fell (and a shit load of bits that dont look like they came off his bike! "blackspot"), i went back today to look over the scene, i dont see any real reason why he came off, i took it at 90 fairly easily, maybe there was condensation on the road, its a little smooth there so i spoze that could of done it..

    And i would report the guy to the EPA for littering, but cant be stuffed going to court, (meaning he can opt to take it to court and dispute it, which means i have to go and give evidence, and at the moment i really don't want to give my time)

    But don't stress, i've reported plenty of ignorant smokers for throwing lit ciggies out their windows to the EPA and i've knocked on a few windows after getting a visor full of ash too...
  11. Sorry, who's the bogan? :LOL:
  12. There's no tool like an old tool... ;)
  13. Well, at least he didn't crash anything decent :grin: .
  14. Oh my god that is atrocious. :evil: . Was he drinking, or was he high by any chance? It'd explain his behaviour a little bit. What did you do in the end, did you just let him speed up and go? What's the proper "etiquette" in a situation like that?

    ps - sorry to hear about your mate's crash.
  15. I just kept on riding, as much as i wanted to put my glove through his window i fear the consequences.

    and yes my mate is a bogan, he goes shopping in his track suit that he gets covered in food, grease, holes from welding and all matter or paint and car products. hes a grot really. ohh and he carries a tooth brush that he uses dry to get food scraps out of his teeth, its never washed or rinsed..gross huh.

  16. LOL yeah well he loves them for some reason.. looks like a old piece of crap to me.. my GPX has had no problem keeping ahead of it. (but its probably a lot more comfortable on long trips)