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Kept my cool... Must be getting old

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by vahramh, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. There are people out there that are complete dicks. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it.

    Tuesday afternoon, not full-blown rush hour yet but getting there... I was filtering merrily on Queens Pde, Clifton Hill, VIC, just before it turns into Heidelberg Road. As I reached the back wheel of a Hilux, the driver opened the door.

    Obviously I was paying attention, as you do when riding a bike. So I stopped the bike about 30 cm before the door could pose any danger to me. At which time the driver - a skinny guy in his 20's - started yelling something. I couldn't understand much of what he was saying. I wasn't listening and had no interest in it, but I could tell the letter "F" featured prominently in his ramblings.

    My first instinct was to get off the bike and do something about it. In fact, I'm sure that 30 years ago that's exactly what I would have done. The traffic was stopped, he had no escape.

    But then my brain took over. What could possibly be the outcome of that encounter? He could have a black belt in karate, in which case he would kick my arse. Or he might not have a black belt, in which case I would kick his arse. In either case, I would be late to my teleconference. And neither of these outcomes would make the world a better place. One more satisfied moron, or one more arse kicked moron, who cares - there are thousands of them out there!

    By now his hand holding the door had gotten tired, and he had half-closed the door, which gave me the opportunity to get going past him, simply looking at him and shaking my head as I rode past.

    Take care out there. Nothing good can come out of road rage, or retaliation.

    I just wish I had my Go Pro with me!
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  2. unfortunately you cant stop stupid people doing stupid things.
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  3. stupid is as stupid does. no doubt he is a future Darwin Award winner, sadly though he will have no idea when he has won!

    any spectators to your event would have been impressed by your sombre approach. had you fired up it would have been a tale of yet another rider doing the wrong thing then getting violent with the innocent cager who was taken by surprise with a swift attack from a repeat offender blah blah blah

    it's nice when the good guys have a win - good job vahramhvahramh
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  4. Well done. The only decent way to approach what is an irrational situation. And if it had of been on video you wouldn't have ended up a YouTube star either. Unlike those US guys in the road rage thread the other day. Mainly idiots get the hits...

    Used to have a few issues with filtering here in Shitney, people trying to shut it down, race me off the lights, go on red just to beat me but ever since I slapped the Lane Filtering is LEGAL sticker from the Motorcycle Council on the top box it seems a bit more benign. See quite a few riders with it on the back of their helmet too. Occasionally some people move over and get a thumbs up.
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  5. gotta get me one of them stickers...
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  6. I'm surprised at the amount of drivers who open their car doors as I'm riding past, thankfully I must be developing a 6th sense about it because I can usually predict who are going to do it and can take pre-evasive action. People do it to cars a lot as well... don't people care any more about basic safety anymore, not only for themselves but for other road users?

    Well done on keeping your head, being zen about stuff like this is better for your health :)
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  7. Yesterday I had a Semi-trailer ,which had already stopped at the lights, move across slightly to give me space. as I got next his cab and as he had his window open, I managed to verbally thank him. (y)
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  8. They've always been out there and the law won't stop them. Last week I had a Hilux run me into the gutter on Victoria Street Abbotsford, for the crime of filtering past him.
    Lots of self esteem issues I guess.
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  9. Big car little dick syndrome, I give them the pinky and filter away.
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  10. Always best not to antagonize the guy with a two ton weapon he might be dumb enough to use - you never know what kind of day they've had and how poorly they've managed it.

    In a completely opposite scenario, I was in a hire car which had a button to retract the mirrors. Used it to let a Duc through and I'm pretty sure it made his day; got a smile ear-to-ear and thumbs up before he went on when the lights changed.
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  11. [QUOTE="

    In a completely opposite scenario, I was in a hire car which had a button to retract the mirrors. Used it to let a Duc through and I'm pretty sure it made his day; got a smile ear-to-ear and thumbs up before he went on when the lights changed.[/QUOTE]

    The Mrs car does that - and she knows how to use them too. But the Check Twice for Bikes sticker on the back kinda gives her away as friendly though...
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  12. I had a similar experience the other day as I made my way to Uni. I was filtering down the carpark that passes for Ipswich Rd up here in Brisbane when some yahoo decided that leaning out his window and telling me off for idling past was a good way to spend his time. I responded in the same way as above by looking at him and shaking my head as I tootled by. The irony being that Qld are currently running a trial on lane filtering.
  13. What concerns me is that these morons tend to marry female morons and they give birth to little baby morons. Where does it end?
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  14. I'm with Peppy. It does no good to poke the bear.

    The best that can be salvaged from many of these encounters is a strong sense of possibly having killed all the grass within 6 metres and maybe a small animal or two with the murderous thoughts emanating from within my helmet.

    I never have quite got over the hump needed to pity some of these donks who inhabit the road daily.

    Surely someone must be capable of finding a way of refunding them their taxes in return for not using the road at all.
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  15. #15 Bjpitt, Apr 15, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2016
    I had to check the date of this thread. It's been legal since feb 2015
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  16. Look on the bright side, they'll never become a part of our riding community.
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  17. Last week I had the exact opposite experience on Footscray Rd. Filtered up to the front, the bike in front of me pulled forward a little to make room for me and the F#%$$# driving the truck to our left saw me about to pull up and threw his truck forward a metre over the line (from stopped!), yelling at me out of the cab window something along the lines of "Don't even think about that C%#T".

    Just wow...
  18. I actually haven't experienced this type of behaviour. Perhaps with a little Beemer, white helmet, leather jacket and Bluetooth on the helmet, I look a bit like a cop?
  19. I don't get it, what f##kin' difference did it make to the driver. When the lights went green you would have been out of there.
    Not like a cyclists filtering, when you have to overtake them again.
  20. He was probably just jelly that his fat arse was stuck in traffic.
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