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Kensington riders HELLO!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spazzy, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Just giving a holler out to all the riders in Kensington.!

    just wanted to know how many net-riders in kensington and what they ride. (if you don't mind of course).

    yellow hyo 250!
  2. Hi there, I'm in Kensington, up near the sale yards.
    I'm on a blue Honda VTR250 this week, but a black Triumph Street Triple next week! Say gidday if you see me riding by.
  3. Gidday. nice choice in upgrade..

    i'll be on a red daytona in a few weeks time!
  4. Which part of Kensington (approx) do you live in? I think there's someone else - Mvrog who is also from here as well.
  5. Im at kensington banks. close to kensington road. you could probably see me chugging down flemington road quite often or one of the cafes near kensington station on a nice weekend.
  6. Yeah, I'm in Kensington, and I chew up hyo's and spit them out in the gutter, right outside bluddie Sumoto.
  7. Down the Flem rd end - RVF400
  8. wow net rider population in kensington fo far = 4 :rofl:
  9. It doesn't really mean anything, though.
  10. Just off Macauly Road, between the two stations......
  11. no it doesn't mean anything really..

    would be nice to know.. and look out for other posters. and give a nod or say 'gidday
  12. MVrog says welcome :LOL:
  13. very warm welcome indeed.. but then again i would chew up a hyo if i had a MV. Hi MVrog!!!
  14. Think he must be one of those grumpy old men you see up the village.
  15. methinks ur right! :LOL:
  16. Do not get to the cafes at the weekend very often, but when I do it is usually the Lime Bar with MVrog.... there is one brekky dish they have on the menu that is a big favourite.
  17. Drouls cafe on the corner does a yummy scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Not the best looking/atmosheric of all the cafes down there, but my fave for food. We do live in a good suburb though hey - spoilt for food and a few good pubs as well. Tonik is my favourite place of all for a drink and great food - opposite Hardimans. Comfy couches and roaring fire.
  18. All the pubs have gone, except for Hardiman's, and their food is so bad.
    Tonik's is run by nice people, must revisit sometime.
  19. I am the grumpy smelly ole fart, who drinks cheap plonk, on the bench outside the grotty drycleaner.
  20. i get my clothes drycleaned there. :LOL:

    i usually eat at kitch. BiG breakFast by new zealand ladies FTW!

    i've been meaning to visit lime bar. my mates been raving on about it forever.