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Kenma Australia; Ventura racks

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by sharkuss, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Late last year blatting along with my "no good bikey mates" one of them pointed out that my rack frame was unsure of either staying on the back or trying to make a run for it. Closer inspection showed that one side of the pack frame had cracked almost clean through it's mounting piece that mates with the rack uprights.

    My ventura rack had served me well, and considering it was a few years old I was of the opinion that it deserved a fuss-free burial and a new one be acquired without any doubts given to the failings of the old. Yet a close friend suggested that the rack shouldn't (under normal circumstances) have done what it did and it may well be worth asking Ventura directly if this is normal. By the way at time of cracking, it was unladen.

    So I found the local distributor Kenma Australia, shot them an email and it was indeed considered far from normal to have the rack crack in such a way. After me honouring a request for photo's of the damage I was given several good and valid reasons for my rack failing in the manner it did. Reasons such as overloading, overtightening of locking lugs, but also conveyed were some facts about Ventura rack capabilities so in essence whilst my situation quite fairly had "the seed of doubt" surrounding it, Kenma were also giving me the clear benefit of that doubt.

    I expected at the very least (once made aware the crack was not normal) to get a discount on a new rack system but noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Kenma shipped me a new pack-frame ... for free !!!! They decided this based on the fact it was clear I enjoyed the product, had used it in a sensible manner for quite a while, and the photo's whilst conclusive of a few summations still left some guessing to be done on exact nature of failure.

    Kenma Australia in my mind get BIG-UPS for a few reasons.

    #1 speed of reply to email, less than 12hrs
    #2 courtesy and customer service, they welcomed an opportunity to see a damaged product
    #3 they know their stuff, before they'd seen the photo's they quoted me all the little "failsafe" areas of design, the product spec's, and even where they expected to see the damage.
    #4 they didn't fob me off over a grey area for failure cause, I never felt a "yeah ? so ?" attitude from their customer service team.
    #5 they back their products to the hilt, I gotta say I never expected a free rack.

    So can I strongly urge all of you considering luggage solutions for bikes to not only think about Ventura but definately think about giving Kenma Australia some of your business. I'm always taking customer service into consideration with most things and this is the sort of service we should all receive. Thank you again Kenma \\:D/

  2. There has to be an upside to the ridiculous priced bent pipe they pass off as a luggage rack (with what?, a 10kg manufacturers weight limit), and the dumb "bag tag hand in" deal they have with purchasing new racks, to ensure you only use/buy their bags (because they don't want you to overload their racks supposedly).
  3. Another reason to deal with an aussie company.

    Kuddos to Kenma, & good one Simon !!

  4. They are an Aussie importer, To my knowledge Ventura are a New Zealand based company.
  5. Like I said, another reason to deal with an aussie company.
    It was kemna who replaced the unit..right