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Ken Wootton's Memorial Service - Monday 15th August 2011, PI Race track.

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Forwarded message:

    Hi everyone,

    We have had a number of you write to us re Ken Wootton's memorial service on Monday August 15 at 1.30pm at the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit . In response to your questions...

    The family has asked that there be no floral tributes. They have asked if you would like to remember Ken in this way, you make a donation to a charity that "is close to your heart".

    People have asked if they can wear their leathers on August 15, and yes, it is totally fine and appropriate to wear leathers.

    People have asked if they can ride their bikes on August 15, and yes that is totally fine and you will be directed through the tunnel to park in the infield. In honour of Ken, there is a ride being organised prior to the service, from the San Remo foreshore carpark to the circuit, departing at 12.30pm. Contact is Brendan Murphy on mobile 0405 315 984; email brendan@motophoto.net.au

    If you are attending on August 15, please rsvp to info@phillipislandcircuit.com.au by NOON on Friday August 12, 2011

    If you would like to send a condolence card or note to the family, the address is:

    The Wootton Family,
    10 Akuna Street,
    Tallangatta, VIC 3700

    Please include your return address on your card, as the family would like to respond to your correspondence.

    Kind regards
    Ingrid Roepers