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VIC Ken Lay gets the top job - Sad day for Motorcycling in VIC?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by SammyA, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Was gonna post this same thought, but I'm wondering... does he really hate motorcyclists, or were we just a useful stepping stone to grind beneath his boots on the way up?

    Having got to the top, does he need to dirty those boots on us now? Or will that fall to his minions and the circling sharks waiting for him to put one foot wrong?
  2. If Ken's looking at the road toll, he should be kissing our boots.

    We got through one of the lowest Vic October mc road tolls ever and touch wood, a low annual total is in sight.
  3. His handling of the occupy Melbourne where the police used some more traditional methods rather than the airy fairy Christine Nixon approach would have won it for him in the end imho, he was seen to be doing something, in a sense fortune favoured him in the form of those protests.
  4. Kieran is the problem child these days, but without a reason to hit us with a big stick he is currently floundering with platitudes about the drastic increase in cage fatalities the past fortnight. Guaranteed that if just one had been a rider, we would be front and centre of another witch hunt.

    KW was a Senior Sergeant when I worked with him, must remind him of his little fatal accident in a divvie van when/if he trips over me in the dark ;)
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  5. Kind of a telling interview with Faine this morning. He was at pains to point out that lack of concentration was the most common factor in the current spate of fatals. That, if nothing else, shows a slightly more honest approach than the TAC-scripted mantra we've gotten used to.
  6. How good is this? Let’s appoint one of the most controversial characters to the top job. What happened to stability? There’s got to be a movie in this.
  7. Doesn't make any difference who the puppet is at vicpol as the TAC are pulling the strings!
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  8. New Police Commissioner

    New Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay - God help us!

    We will all be riding around at 70kms.
  9. Can't see it making any difference.