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VIC Ken Lay gets a sideways boot.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Seany, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/vi...-top-traffic-cop/story-e6frf7kx-1225979747232
    Finally Ken Lay can piss off. Let's hope Kieran Walshe has half a brain and chooses to use it.

  2. How quick was that?
  3. as in he got kicked upstairs?
  4. Did you see the spiel Ken Lay gave about the road toll?

    - - - - -
    - - - - -

    The fatality review panel removed at least 16 fatalities from the road tolll in the last 6 weeks of the year. Who supervises the panel??? No motorcycle fatalities were removed.
  5. I would suspect that anybody who was moved from the front line to recruitment should be looking at their retirement package because their career is well and truelly over.
    And not before time in my book.
  6. did they give a reason?
  7. No they don't post up their output anywhere. I sent an email to Terry Mulder asking about the fatality review panel, but I don't expect a response. I intend to shoot one to my local rep and the age and the hun and other avenues.
  8. HS still haven't published my comment. Sadly, I don't think they're going to. :-#
    Ken my never get the :butt: I gave him. :cry:
  9. An educated guess would be they removed suicides and other causes (medical problem like a heart attack prior to collision) from the list as the cause was outside the normal criteria to be considered part of the road toll.

    As an example, there's a fair chance this one will be removed from the list eventually as from media reports it was a deliberate act and not a traffic crash.

  10. Sunday herald sun said main emphasis this year will be on speeding and changing attitudes to it like they did for drink driving.
  11. PVDA, I'm a little more cynical.

    I know that is the panel's purpose, but the panel DOES NOT INCLUDE any coroner oversite, and I can't find any references to it's structure. Hell, the my own posts feature in the top ten hits on google when searching info for it.

    My concern is simple. Earlier in the year the heat was on Vic Police to get the road toll down. They put pressure on themselves. TAC, VICRoads, the press, the Government, put pressure on them as well. The powers that be are addicted to enforcement as a method of getting the road toll down.

    So with all this pressure and a whole lotta money expended in campaign after campaign do you think that the FRP wasn't told to rescrutinise every possible fatality and remove them if there was any doubt?

    Sixteen removed in the final part of the year... a little too convenient in a high pressure high stakes year.

    Call me cynical.

    In a recent report by the coroners department for Vic Pol, they CALLED FOR coroner involvement in the FRP.

  12. Here's a description of how VicPol focus on the road toll and the performance of the FRP from October 2010's Police life:

    I like the idea of the group being "independent"... but I keeping scepticism well and truly open based on the road toll movement in the dying final weeks of 2010.
  13. I agree with what the copper said, He should have added that if they banned private vehicles they could cut the road deaths by 3/4's.
    I still think the main reason for less road deaths is that cars are now safer to crash in, and protecting candidates for the darwin awards. Secondary is that hospitals and paramedics are MUCH better eqiupped than they were in 1970..
  14. Does it look like all the others will get off unscathed leaving Lay to cop all the responsibility for the massive failure?

    They couldn't have made it any more obvious by making the announcement on the first day of January. So much for all his hard work and passion.
  15. Doesnt look like the replacement will be much of an improvement:

    Once again, treating a symptom, not a cause. If they feel road related fatailities are too high (argueable), how about we talk about reducing road related fatalities rather than just reducing speeding - then we'd keep the door open to other strategies (education, environment etc) rather than just focusing on speeding. To keep using speeding as mental short hand for road fatality is lazy.

    Ah well, just venting...
  16. The TAC is really running the show and dictating police policy regarding the roads.
    /they fund all the police ads just look at their logo emblazoned all over the police ads and billboards.
  17. He (Kieran Walshe) said he needed time to research his role before announcing new strategies. ''Having said that, my focus certainly is around speed.''

    Not much to go on but there is at least a chink in the doublespeak here. This all going to come down to the message from Spring Street IMO. Bailleau is there by the slenderest of margins so maybe it isn't the ideal climate to be clobbering the public with police state tactics? We'll see.
  18. Titus - is that right? Bailleau is in a marginal seat??

    The focus on speed just gets my blood boiling. I'm working the through the Draft national road strategy and the myopia is simply breath taking. Seriously, the road safety institutions are no better than addicted junkies - focussed primarily on one aspect of the overall picture. They've had big hits to the road toll in the past and are floundering around as to why they aren't getting the same reductions any more... despite intense speed camera hours, numbers, ever increasing technology employed in cars, increasing cops, increasing penalties, ever reducing speed limits... I've only scratched the surface of this road safety bullshit and it's sooooo flaming obvious!

    What's worse is that the great beige unthinking unwashed and the police utterly swallow the PR and false statistics and ideology hook line and sinker.

  19. Bailleu is in government by the barest of margins not his seat which is as blue liberal as it gets.
  20. Let me explain. Bailleau is in the Premier's office by a slender margin. His own seat in parliament is safe but his government (like that of Gillard) is lucky to be there.

    Despite a lack of comment in the media, I believe the repressive road strategies of the previous administration contributed to their downfall. It's not something that's PC to speak about but I think even the Herald Sun has twigged that there were more votes in it than anyone wanted to discuss.

    I think the thought-control policy (described in the media as 'changing attitudes') hasn't worked because despite what the propagandists believe, a large percentage of the population know when they are being lied to. People changed their attitude to drink driving because most of us knew it was right. Not so many believe them this time because we know it's not the whole story.

    What's at stake is, on the one hand, retaining power in government, and on the other, up to a billion dollars in revenue. Difficult choice. Brumby went for the money. There's a lesson it that for the Feds, too.