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VIC Ken Lay distancing himself from the Speed Kills campaign?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Aug 3, 2010.

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  2. Sweet, the government concentrating even more on telling adults what they may or may not do with their own bodies instead of concentrating on traffic law violations that place OTHERS at risk, such as tailgating, failure to signal, failure to give right of way, and so forth.

    So I guess, based on that article, last year they gave 1,202 tickets based on a law I'd agree with, and over 30,000 that are blatant nannyism and thinly disguised extortion.
  3. Ahh but its not your body is it Grue it belongs to the community you are just the current lease holder on a collection of genes. ;)
  4. I have no problem with seatbelt laws actually but the tailgating inattentiveness etc must be acted upon.
  5. Usually when a person or an organisation moves to extremism to find a solution for its own failures it’s time for change.

    Is Ken Lay struggling with the current road toll?

    Where is the Speed Kills campaign?

    The following articles were posted by fellow netriders.

    Police unit to profile hoons

    More drivers facing criminal charges, prison
  6. Sir ride a lot do some more riding and less posting mate you are gonna have a coronary :)
  7. Either that or turn into a 'Grumpy Old Man' (TM). :bolt:
  8. Don't really have a problem with them running this campaign on seatbelts. Everyone knows it actually does make a difference, and in the case of parents letting kids ride unrestrained I would increase the penalties. I haven't got in a car without buckling up since the 70's.
    On top of which... cops have issued over 900 penalties in two weeks with Operation Pinball, many of them double fines (driver and unrestrained passenger). If they can meet their budget goals this way, and in the process actually save a few people instead of meaningless petty things like noisy pipes and 4kmh infringments, then let it rip IMHO.

  9. + a billion
  10. I need help. Is there a netrider rehab?
  11. I fundamentally disagree with seat belt laws however you'd have to be a ****ing moron to not wear one. Riding in a car equipped with an airbag whilst not wearing a seatbelt is an almost surefire way of killing yourself.

    If they police this at least it will actually reduce the road toll somewhat rather than pinging someone for a hefty 6kmph over the limit.
  12. So here we go again, Victoria Police in a pay dispute with the government, so they are going to take industrial action that involves them refusing to issue low level speeding fines (aka revenue raising) but that's OK because Treasurer Pallas says there is no danger to the public.

    But hang on a sec, last year Assistant Commissioner Rob Hill was carrying on about how people doing 5kmh over the limit are a danger to themselves and others and need to be fined because it's costing lives!? Rank hypocrisy much?

    Victorian police union members vote in favour of strike action, including ban on traffic fines
    Updated about 6 hours ago


    A ban on paid overtime, issuing traffic fines, adhering to "selected grooming and uniform standards" and on wearing name badges will also be part of the action. Prosecutors will also refuse to negotiate on charges or participate in summary case conferences.

    Last month, the union said they planned to negotiate in good faith, but flagged resorting to industrial action in November. Treasurer Tim Pallas said the Government hoped the dispute could be resolved swiftly.

    "I don't think there's any suggestion of any compromise to public safety," he said.

    "I'd like to be able to see these matters worked through positively, productively and as quickly as possible."

    Full story: Police Union votes in favour of strike action

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  13. I was thinking the exact same thing last night when I heard it on the news. Refusing fines. Either the police are willing to put the public's life at risk over an industry dispute - or they well know that a few kms over the limit is not the killer that it's claimed to be.

    Kinda wish there was a way to expose this big time in the media and run with it to put the pressure on the pollies at the same time as the police, but I fear we live in a world now where pollies are not only just happy to lie, but have people know they're lying and keep singing the same tune regardless because there's not much the public can do about it. Both major parties have shown their stripes on the issue.
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  14. Maybe everyone should print out the media release, and give it too the police when they pull you over? Not much you can do about the camera's though.
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    Can you write to the police and get some frequent flyer credits to cash in when they go back to the old system and start booking you for observing the road more than your dash :rolleyes:
  16. If they catch you speeding they'll still pull you over and take your details. So they are still keeping us safe (Flame suit on haha)
    The trouble is a small minority waited till the bans were over and then sent out the fines. The less to say on that the better.
  17. I'd expect that they would still penalise people who are a true risk, but ignore the stuff that's got little to no risk (speeds less than 10%, or overtaking safely but with increased speed to get around, etc). From what I've read with the statistics, it's those safer driving fines that generate the most revenue anyway, so it would have the desired impact without adding risk to the roads.