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Ken Lay admits bikes have a place and are growing in numbers.[vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Ken Lay was being interviewed on triple M Melbourne this morning
    He admitted bikes are here to stay and there was a need for greater education as well as the usual mantra of enforcement etc.
    What a difference a more balanced interview makes, yes it was Eddie McGuire's show etc.
    A podcast of the interview should be available in a few hours and I will link it when it comes out.
    I was surprised to hear Lay mention education was the best option rather than his usual speeed kills bullshit.

    Since october 1st we have lost 8 riders so please don't crash folks use your heads!!!!

  2. Herald Sun are running a Poll:

    Doohan and Stoner point re-enforces what I think we have all been saying for years. Personally, I don't think tougher rules for young riders is going to help.

    Looking forward to that podcast link Smee.
  3. Good catch Smee. Yes, the interviewer makes a difference.

    It would be very hard for Ken Lay to say that speed was the problem when his own police data indicates that very few of the fatalities this year have been due to speed.
  4. For some reason vicpolicenews have pulled the Ken Lay media release on the matter... :-k
  5. It doesn't toe the party line?
  6. Bugger the podcast does not include the interview
  7. Can we lodge a protest?
  8. Can you confirm it was up, and then removed?
    Highly suspicious if it was.

  9. On the vicpolicenews site there's an entry called "DC Ken Lay 11th October" and it's password protected.

    DC Ken Lay 11 October

    Monday, 11 October 2010 07:48 Stand-up in relation to current road toll and weekend's fatalities

    Can't see what it says. I guess it's for Vicpol eyes only.
  10. Hear that? I hear the sound of a choker-chain getting yanked.

    Heel boy!
  11. So did he think better of what he said, or did someone else? And if so, who?

    I can't see Overland wanting to get his hands dirty with this, it's not his agenda. Only thing I can think of is the Police Minister, but Merlino has only been in the job for a week. Seems a bit unlikely.

    No, I reckon Ken's thought about it and decided to cover his tracks.

    Doesn't matter. It's out there.

    Edit: Nope, I was wrong. It's been released to the media. Nothing in it to complain about, nothing really to argue with IMHO.
    Historically, "75% of motorcycle deaths attributed to themselves..." would not have been accurate. This year, I'm not so sure. We need to stop crashing.

    The subeditor has linked the bike toll and the increase in breath tests, but Lay didn't do that. Didn't even mention speed.
  12. They have put all their eggs into the “Speed Kills” basket and it has failed dismally. They are now back pedalling like there is no tomorrow.

    All those speed cameras, all those speeding fines and all those suspended licenses have done nothing. A big fat nothing! These blokes continually pushed the message that speeding was the cause for the road toll and now they are attempting to distance themselves. Won’t work as the community has a long memory.

    They will be measured by their own yardstick. Judgment day is around the corner.
  13. Ken Lay got caught speeding by a camera,

    He was 13 KLMS over the limit, how many cars exploded into fire balls when he was speeding,

    Ken Lay, SPEED KILLS, you reckless Hoon, Did you have your car impounded,

    You should have had your car crushed as you are the leader of the speed kills campaign,
    And should be setting an example to the community,

    Not speeding up the Highway.
  14. Yes it may be.
    Against my expectations, they DO seem to be backpedalling a little bit. I'm not going to condemn them for that, but I'm not going to forget.

    Is it just pre-election spin? Transport minister Tim Holding was on ABC radio this morning, claiming (implying, anyway) that the reduction in fatalities from 1000+ in the 70s to under 300 was pretty much all due to speed cameras. Arse.

    What has been made obvious is that wholesale dropping of speed limits over the last couple of years has made no positive difference. They can't say "We were wrong", but they can change the subject.
  15. AMA has been making statements that bikes should be banned for years.
  16. Trawling a few sites today, and the TAC campaign has switched their ads from "38 times.." to "Motorcyclists. Speeding is your biggest killer."

    Despite the facts that it patently isn't, I will concede that it does play some part, albeit minor.

    Now, I understand that this strategy was probably planned months ahead. But it does put TAC slightly at odds with VP and Ken Lay who are now telling us it is about taking care, etc.

    What this tells me is that the TAC propaganda machine is on automatic pilot. Nobody is at the controls, tailoring it to the latest developments.
  17. I've never seen a single documented case of speeding killing a motorcyclist.
  18. I've got no doubt whatsoever that that headline was made up without any consideration of statistics. It's a political strategy. But one that was planned ages ago before they realised that it wasn't working.
  19. My father used to do liver transplants... He loved motorcyclist..................Mainly because he got most of his organs from them! Donorcyclists they were called. :angel: