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Kempsey Rd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by metanoia, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Hiyah,

    Just wondering... where's the Kempsey Rd on the scale of "tame" to "are you psycho, you're about to cross the river Styx?!" ?

    (btw... it crosses the river Styx :) )
  2. ????? Wher eis this mythical Road?
  3. I think it's this one running between East Kempsey and Wollomombi on the NSW mid-north coast:

    wollomombi-east kempsey.

    West-to-east it is Kempsey Road which becomes Armidale Road at Blackbird Flat.

    Google Maps: Kempsey Road
  4. That's the one...

    It looks interesting
  5. It does, and suitably bendy too; nice spotting of yours. The NSW mid-north coast is seemingly full of these sorts of roads. I have a 5-6-hour transit to get to any of them so they will be extra-special to ride one day.
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  6. Street view from 2010 has it as unsealed. Given the location, I wouldn't get your hopes up that its any different now... if that's important to you, of course. ;)
  7. It's a dirt road though.
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  8. Dirt isn't too big a problem - though I'd probably change my tires before I rode something like that
  9. Yes, same for me. Guess that I'm just going to have to have a long weekend sometime soon :) The Oxley looks nice too...
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  10. Oh the Oxley... *sigh*